How to check the racks on VAZ 2109

Checking the serviceability of shock absorption racks is simple, and it is quite possible to carry out it yourself. Modern telescopic struts are illegible, so when defects are detected are replaced with new ones.

Checking in motion

Initial check of shock absorption racks of the car VAZ – 2109 is carried out “by ear”, when driving on an uneven road. Extraneous knocks in the area of the racks or suspension “breakdown” indicate their malfunction.

Faulty struts are replaced only by steam/

If the front or rear of the car is strong swayed or said to be “dancing”, then it also means that the shock absorbers have failed and are to be replaced.

Basic check

Further inspection is carried out on a standing car. To do this, it is necessary to press hard on the body above each rack. With serviceable struts, the vehicle must make no more than one oscillating motion.

Next, carry out an external inspection of all the racks. The working shock absorbers shall have no fluid flow, no damage or deformation. Then check the rack springs for cracks or breakdowns.

If the suspension is constantly triggered until the stop is “penetrated”, then it means that the springs have worked out their resource and are subject to replacement. It is impossible to operate such a car, because it is possible to deform the body.

Then check the condition of the cups of springs for cracks or deformation. The compression damper should also be intact and have no mechanical damage.

Before disassembling the rack, the spring must be compressed with a special puller/Telescopic

removed from the car stands to disassemble and carry out a thorough inspection and defection. Rack shock absorbers shall be dry and clean, with no visible signs of wear. Before installation, the shock absorber must be checked.

The smoothness of the stroke of the shock absorbers shall be checked only on a vertically mounted rack. To do this, insert a large screwdriver into the bottom hole under the fastening bolt, step on it and pull the rod up or push down. On a serviceable shock absorber, the rod moves smoothly, without dips or dips.

When checking the thrust bearing, it should rotate easily and silently, and also have no cracks or damage. Worn dampers need to be replaced with new ones.

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