How to check the idle regulator VAZ 2114


To check the idle regulator VAZ it is not necessary to remove it, but if the car has a 1.6 liter engine , then it is necessary to pre-unscrew two fastening bolts that attach the choke to the receiver and slightly move the choke away from the receiver (by 1… 1,5 cm). Then disconnect the wire chip from electrical contacts on the sensor.


By means of a multimeter, check whether the power is supplied to the RXX. There are four outputs in the pad — A, B, C, and D (the inferences are denoted on the pad). You need to check the findings A and D for the presence of a 12 Volt voltage between them and “mass”. If 12 Volts is there — check windings, if there is no voltage or less — look for an electrical problem. At inputs B and C, there should be no voltage.


“Call” winding with a multimeter connected to the ommeter mode. Measure resistance in pairs. Between inferences A and B, as well as C and D, the resistance value must be in the order of 50… 60 ohms. Next, you need to “call” conclusions A and C, as well as B and D. If the windings are in order, then they should not be called, that is, the resistance must strive to infinity or make up a value of several megaoms .


To verify the operation of the needle, which is available on the end of the idle regulator, it must first be accessed. To do this, you can dismantle the RXX or the throttle entirely. At the same time, leave the wire pad connected to it to get power from it.


When the ignition is turned off, the maximum case is extended. Accordingly, when the ignition is switched on, it is in the extreme retracted position. Therefore, when the ignition is on, you need to put your finger on the RXX and turn off the ignition. It is necessary to act carefully to avoid losing the needle as a result of the “shot”.


If the push from the needle is felt tactile – the regulator is correct. If there was no push, then most likely not, and you need to perform additional checks. Instead of dismantling the RXX itself, it is possible to remove the throttle and turn the ignition on and off. So it is possible to observe the course of the regulator rod, how far it leaves and whether it is driving.

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