How profitable to buy a car


Prices for the same model of the car can vary considerably in different salons. To choose the optimal cost, you need to compare several offers from different places.


Car sales are often held in saloons. They are timed to coincide with the holidays, and at a reduced price, models of past seasons are offered. To find out about promotions, search for car dealership websites or call reference phones.


In salons at discounted prices often sell cars, which stood for a long time in the sales hall. They need to be carefully examined before purchase. There could be scratches on the wings or holes in the seats.


In addition to salons, you can buy a car profitably at hand. Sometimes there are ads for the sale of almost new cars with minimal mileage. This is the case if a person has purchased a car but has never been able to drive it due to various circumstances. In this case, the cost of a virtually new machine is reduced by twenty to thirty percent just because it counts as used. Finding such an ad is not just, you may have to call dozens of car owners. But the search is worth it.


Save the same twenty – thirty percent can when buying a car abroad. Especially if you do it yourself. Before you leave, you need to study all the laws on the sale of cars in the country where you go. There are many subtleties there. Sometimes only a foreign company, not an individual, has the right to acquire machines. And sometimes, on the contrary, private car owners do not have the right to sell the car not to citizens of the country (as, for example, in Belarus).


Also significantly helps to save when buying a new car the refusal of improved configuration, the choice of simple color of the body (not “chameleon” or” metallic”), acquisition of ordinary rubber, etc.

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