Do you need scooter rights?

Letter of the Law

As of
November 5, 2013, amendments were made to the Federal Law “On Road Safety”, according to which for driving scooters, mopeds and lungs the special rights of category “M” must be possessive.$ According to the logic of the resident, this law obliges the driver of the scooter to acquire new rights. However, the procedure for obtaining this category of rights is still under development. It should be noted that also in the rules of the road too there were no changes related to driving scooters. Therefore, according to paragraph 1.2 of this Regulation, a scooter is not a motor vehicle. Investigatively, you can fearlessly drive a scooter without a warrior license. The situation will change only when new traffic regulations according to which drivers of scooters will be obliged to have rights of category “M”.

Although around the rights of category “M” there was an ambiguous situation, the amount of a penalty for driving a scooter without a license – 800 rubles has already been approved.

Existing nuances

At the moment, for a scooter driver to be confident that he does not require a driver’s license, he must Make sure its engine does not exceed 50 cm³ and its maximum speed does not exceed 50 km/h. Otherwise, the scooter can be equated to a motorcycle, which still requires a license to drive. If everything is OK, for a comfortable and fearless driving scooter the driver is enough to have a passport of this vehicle. This will be useful if he is stopped by a traffic police inspector and asked to present rights.

There are many craftsmen among drivers who remodel scooter engines towards increasing volume. These alterations have an extremely negative impact on both the resource of the engine itself and the wear of the gearbox.

Reasons for the introduction of a new category of rights

The main reason for such actions of the authorities is the complete lack of knowledge of traffic regulations at most that the number of fatal accidents involving this type of vehicle is steadily increasing.$ Secondly, drivers of these vehicles are not covered by most points of the rules of the road, because of which the occurrence of dangerous situations due to drivers of scooters becomes business as usual. Thirdly, insurance companies refuse to insure these vehicles, so if the scooter driver hit the car, the repair will be made at the expense of personal funds, while the driver scooter has the legal right to leave on all four sides.

Sanctions against scooter drivers

Deputies of the State Duma repeatedly put on discussion the question of introduction of a moratorium on driving scooters in the Russian Federation to the legislative approval of the procedure for obtaining a category “M” driver’s license, but the issue has been hanging in the air since the beginning of 2013. How the scooter driving licence situation will fare in 2014 is not yet clear.

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