Airbrushed on cars: history, views, styles

A bit of history

 In 1878, American Ebner Peter, a jeweler, made and patented a sprayer-airbrush from a sewing needle and compressor. The device was used to create paintings, landscapes.

In the 90s airbrushing became popular. With the help of such drawing technique created billboards and posters, decorated racing cars. At first, emblems, logos of sponsoring organizations, information about the received awards were applied to the cars, then began to paint nature: beasts, birds, flowers, characters, movie heroes.

The technique of creating airbrushing was improved. But to apply a drawing on a car is not so simple – it is necessary to take into account many factors: surface type, shape complexity, color.

Two main types

Often the main color of the car becomes the background. If the drawing is created by 3 colors, it is monochrome airbrushing. It perfectly conceals various defects: dents, chipped, scratches. The cost of monochrome artistic decoration of an iron horse is relatively low. The figure serves as anti-corrosion protection.

If additional tones are used instead of the main background, such airbrushing is multicolor. It is able to hide slight defects of the body, protects the car from corrosion. The cost of multicolor art decoration is quite high.

Three styles

1. Glowing airbrushing

Is especially popular. In the day – one drawing, at night – very different. Glowing paints help create amazing images, masterpieces that will surely be remembered by passers-by and passing by. The decoration is complex and expensive.

2. Pseudo-airbrushing

It is created with the help of vinyl film, it is easily dismantled, allows you to create new drawings on the car. Vinyl provides additional anti-gravel and anti-corrosion protection. It emphasizes the individual style of both the host and his machine.

3. 3D airbrushing

This is an amazing three-dimensional relief image. Once created, the pattern is covered with several layers of varnish. The car is then sent to the drying chamber, where the ambient temperature is very strictly controlled and kept at 60 degrees.


Airbrushing on cars – not only design ideas, self-expression, but also a way to protect cars from theft – the car will always turn on itself Attention, so it will be much harder to hide from the police officers on it than on a normal single-color car. Airbrushing is an art that does not spoil the body, but it is the most vulnerable place of motor vehicles.

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