Which sprayer to choose?

Sprayer models differ in the volumes, designs, and materials from which they are made. There are also some differences in usability, such as the absence or presence of a measuring scale, wide fill neck, additional nozzles, etc. Buy the sprayer model should be based on the amount of work to be done.

Small volume sprayers Owners of

small country plots with a minimum number of low plantings should pay attention to household sprayer with a bulb volume not exceeding two liters. Most have a trigger head, meaning the work part rifling over any bottle made of plastic. During spraying, it is necessary to press the lever all the time to create pressure in the flask. The price for a tool of this type is minimal, but large amounts of work will be on his strength.

When working with sprayers, do not forget about using personal protective equipment and try to choose windless weather.

Sprayers with pump

For spraying plants with a tool with pump and airtight flask, it is easier to work in the garden because pressure in The bulb, unlike previous devices, is created by pumping the pump before working. Once in the nozzle, the solution is well sprayed in the right place, and once the pressure drops, it is reinjected with a pump to continue working.

Sprayers up to 2.5 liters are suitable for processing a small number of plants not exceeding human growth. Their minus is a short spout, and when working the cloud of drops is close to the person. When spraying poisonous substances, the use of such a sprayer is not safe.

Products of 5-12 liters are usually equipped with a telescopic bar or hose from 1 to 3 m long and a shoulder strap. Sprayers also have a safety valve to relieve excessive pressure inside the bulb. This type of product is the most common among gardeners, it is possible to handle tall bushes and trees.

Rank sprayers The

volume of rantz devices, so nicknamed for being worn behind the shoulders, can reach 20 liters. On the tank of this sprayer there is a lever associated with the pump.

Choosing a range sprayer, it is important not to overestimate your strength, because behind the shoulders you will have to carry a capacity mass of 16-25 kg.

It must be periodically pumped, putting the necessary pressure inside the tank. Such aggregates should be bought to those gardeners who have to handle large gardens with tall trees.

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