Which pots are better?


Aluminum, used to make kitchen utensils, is a soft and light material. The walls of the aluminum saucepan are covered with a monoxide film, which is quite easy to break down by scratching or acidic medium. Aluminium pots are well suited for boiling liquids and cooking milk porridges, but it is better not to use them for cooking and storing other food because aluminium can emit a large amount of harmful substances.

If the dishes walls are thin, they will quickly undergo deformation – so it is better to choose thick-walled aluminium saucepans.

More popular are enameled cast iron pots, which are resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage. Alloy of cast iron and metal, as well as thick walls, allow evenly warming the food prepared in the pan. The imported manufacturer produces cast-iron utensils with fine enamel coating, whereas the domestic prefers to enamel pots by dipping method, as a result of which Russian dishes possess thicker coating.

Stainless steel pots are considered to be the best because they repel dirt, clean easily and have a neutral environment. This allows you to maintain a high amount of vitamins and taste quality of the products. The food in the stainless steel pan warms evenly and is prepared quite quickly thanks to the multi-layered bottom with an aluminum disc inserted between the layers of steel.

Which dishes are better

Based on the above characteristics of modern pots, we can confidently say that the leaders in the rating of cooking utensils are Stainless steel dishes and heat-resistant pottery pots. For professional cooking are ideal cast pots with handles made of metal bar, which can be put in the oven.

Housewives will have enough less expensive stamped utensils with screwed plastic handles.

Heat-resistant ceramic pots are designed to prepare various porches, pilaf and stewed dishes prepared in the oven. Expensive quality pottery pots are also suitable for cooking on the stove, as this material is environmentally friendly and not prone to burning. In addition, the ceramic pan allows you to make a delicious, fragrant dish from a large number of products.

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