Which is better: well or well?

Advantages and disadvantages of a well

Compare well and well in quality is incorrect because the well has too many advantages. First, the well provides virtually unlimited amounts of water, as it is drilled so deep that it passes through several layers of sandy soils where inexhaustible reserves are water, whereas the well usually does not reach that depth and passes only through clay, which has less water recovery.$

It is possible to dig a deep well to reach the sandy layers, but in this case the cost of smudge increases several times.

Second, the water in the well is cleaner and nicer to taste than in the well. The hole drilled in the ground practically does not get debris, as it has a small neck. There do not fly mosquitoes, there are no frogs, dangerous microbes do not breed. Often water from the well can be drunk without first cleaning, such water is much cleaner and safer than tap water.

The well is easy to operate and does not require special maintenance, it is cheaper and faster to clean than the well, and if it is properly used, it is very rare to clean it. It is necessary to wash well twice a year, and to disinfect the water in it. The

well can be drilled quickly, after a few days it is possible to use water, the well is dug out sometimes for several weeks. But the well has flaws, too. It is very important to drill the ground properly, otherwise it will be impossible to get water. If the pump breaks or electricity goes off, access to water will be cut. Drilling a well costs more than smaking a well.

The price should include the cost of filters, casing pipes, pump.


advantages and disadvantages of Well

is a cheaper, versatile and easier way to get water. It does not require the use of a pump and the connection of electricity, it is possible to use a regular bucket with rope. If there is an item in the well, it will be easy to pull out, and in the same situation with the well, specialists will have to be called, in addition, access to water will be blocked.

The well can only be dug in places where groundwater runs close to the surface, and it cannot be predicted in advance without appropriate geological expertise. It is also impossible to tell exactly how long the water in the well will persist, whether it will dry in a few years.

The best way to make a decision is to ask neighbors in the county what they chose and listen to their feedback.

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