Which is better to choose facing brick

Selection of brick Color

Presented in stores samples of facing bricks impress with their bright saturated colors, but any, even the most light-resistant brick will fade in the sun, so when choosing it is necessary, first, to find out how much color stacks a particular brick, and secondly, to acquire a brick on a tone darker than it is necessary.

You can find a house lined with the same brick as the one you look out for, and see with your own eyes what it becomes in the sun.

What is important is not only the color of the brick, but also the uniformity of its coloration. There will be no divorces and stains on the sample in the store, but they may appear under the influence of rain and snow. To check how evenly painted the brick is simply, it is only enough to boil the brick so that the water is completely boiled, if the divorces do not appear, so this brick is painted qualitatively.

Bricks are produced in the factories in batches, shades can slightly differ from batch to batch, this will not be noticeable when buying, but after the end of the work the cladding “will please” you unbeautiful stripes. Try to buy bricks from one batch, and if this is not possible, make sure that your builders have the experience of masonry walls with bricks from different batches, such cladding can even bring some zest to the exterior of the house.

Brick geometry

All faces of facing bricks must converge at perfectly right angles, the dimensions of the bricks must also precisely match the specified ones. When laying, be sure to select a reference brick and check with it all the others, if any bricks will have shape defects, use them in the least visible places. Watch out so the brick doesn’t have cracks and chips.

The facing brick should have chamfering, it improves its appearance. Quality bricks must have an absolutely flat surface, irregularities indicate the presence of lime in the structure.

Lime in facing brick not only spoils its appearance, but also significantly affects strength.

Functionality of facing bricks

Select facing bricks is necessary not only by appearance, but also by its other characteristics. Facing brick protects the load-bearing structures of the house, it is the first to become in the path of wind, rain, snow, sunlight.

The most important characteristic of the brick is frost resistance, it determines what number of freeze-defrost cycles it will survive. Also important for facing bricks is thermal conductivity, the lower it is, the less heat transfer between the house and the environment will be. Facing bricks should have low water absorption, wet bricks quickly come into disrepair and suffer worse cold.

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