Which coating is better for the floor – laminate or PVC tile?

Laminate: advantages and disadvantages

Laminate – multi-layered flooring, consisting of cardboard and paper, on the outside applied plastic film with pattern or sometimes furniture foil. Due to this top layer, laminate can mimic many natural coatings, mainly these are different types of wood or also ceramic tiles.

Laminate slabs have a lock joint of a spike groove or simply run into each other, so it is very easy to mount this coating. The upper protective and decorative layer provides good resistance to mechanical loads and damage, some types of laminate are water resistant. Unlike wooden coating, laminate is fire-proof and there are no stains of wine or coffee on it. The dense structure and protective top layer prevent bacteria from penetrating inside and reproducing in this material.

Disadvantages include the joints, which are the weakest point of this coating and can skip moisture. In addition to special species, laminate is very susceptible to water and when hit with a large amount of liquid can deform. The top layer is electrostatic and attracts dust particles to the surface. To reduce the effect of the drum and to muffle the sound of the steps, a special porous film should be placed under the laminate.

Laminth coating thickness can be about 10 mm, PVC plate thickness — 2 mm.

Pros and cons of PVC tiles

It is the same linoleum, only sliced into slabs that are stacked on glue or mounted with each other lock connection. It is a heterogeneous coating consisting of multiple layers of polyvinyl chloride.

The advantages of PVC tiles include ease of stacking and installation, safety allowing to use tiles to cover the floor in children’s rooms, no harmful chemical secretions. Tiles are also distinguished by high moisture resistance and fire safety, long life and extensive decorative capabilities. It is shockproof and has anti-static, sound-insulating and noise-absorbing properties, it is convenient to repair and replace it in local locations.

Under the PVC tile you can install the “Warm Floor” system.

The only significant drawback of the PVC tile is the synthetic artificial materials from which it is made. Therefore, you have to make choices based on the properties and merits of these materials, as well as the functional use of a particular room.

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