Where to start renovation

Evaluate your possibilities

Deciding to proceed to capitalize renovation of the apartment, determine who will do it. Hiring a team of professional masters does not guarantee quality, but exactly will cost you more than repair work done by your own hands. When choosing professionals, be prepared to ensure that at each stage you will have to control the quality of the work done and the feasibility of using this or that construction and finishing material. To do this, we will have to study the main technological features of all repairs, advantages and disadvantages of materials used.

Please note that any kind of redevelopment in the apartment, even the glazing of the balcony, requires coordination.

In the event that you know all this, and you decide to make repairs with your own hands, you should learn practical skills and get certain qualifications to perform independently building, finishing, electrical and plumbing work in the house. In addition, you must provide yourself with all the necessary professional tools and equipment from paintbrushes to concrete mixer.

It will take a long time to perform the overhaul with your own hands. If the volume is small, it is possible to meet a month’s time off the job, but when the list of necessary works includes, for example, a floor screed, only for the concrete to be frozen, $ it will take at least 2 months. Keep in mind that during repair the household conditions in the house will not be the most good, consider the question and whether it is possible to relocate the householders for a time, that all the dirtiest and noisy work were not produced in their presence. Make the necessary calculations, including the budget allocated for repair, and determine whether the sheepskin is worth the allocation and whether it will still be easier to invite the construction crew.

If you decide to perform repairs by the hands of professionals, hire a comprehensive team where there will be both electrician, malar, plumber, and plaster. They will be able to coordinate the timing of the work, and your repairs will end sooner.

Preparation of the project

Whatever decision you make, start renovation in the house should be by drawing up a design project, think through several options design to then choose the best one. In this case, you can also contact the services of a professional designer or plan your own location of residential and business areas, taking into account the interests of those who will live in apartment and the functional purpose of a particular room.$ Design decisions, which you will make based on your taste preferences, should be discussed with householders, because they can also have their wishes for the decoration of the house or individual rooms in the apartment.

It will be more difficult to develop a technical project to take into account where and how life support systems will be laid: hot and cold water pipes, electrical wiring, $ sewerage, ventilation, heating, etc. Here it is necessary to carefully think through every detail, as it depends on how comfortable and cozy it will be in the house after repair, because it is gushing to improve the quality of living. Consider each system separately for each room in the apartment. So, if you prepare about heating, decide whether it will be necessary to replace radiators or install warm floors, maybe the issue of heating can be solved only by insulating the apartment: replacing windows and doors and zipping balcony. With regard to water supply, it is necessary to decide where the old and new water intake points will be left and how the pipes will need to be raised. If you want to buy a dishwasher in the kitchen, and in the bathroom – a shower, you should take into account changes in the sewer system. The hardest question is wiring. Determine which electrical appliances will stand in the apartment and where exactly, mark the locations of connection points — sockets, switches.


It also needs to be drawn up initially, although it is clear that it may change both downward and upward in the future.$ Your task is to determine the order of numbers and decide what types of work you can handle with your own strength, and which – to perform with the hands of hired workers. In the estimate, provide the approximate cost of professional services, construction and finishing materials, having familiarized with prices and prices on websites on the Internet or visiting the construction market. Purchase of finishing materials not in pathos salons, but in wholesale warehouses will significantly reduce cost estimates.

Disassemble the work that needs to be performed during the repair process into stages. With all factors in mind, make an approximate but real plan for their implementation and start acting.

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