Where to start finishing apartment

Check if everything is ready for finishing work

It doesn
‘t matter if you are doing repairs in an old apartment or in a new building, but by the final stage, it should already be certain types of work are carried out. This is then necessary so that you do not subsequently have to break and dismantle the already laid wall and floor coverings in order to correct the shortcomings.

The apartment has to be carried out electro-installation works, laid new wiring designed for the working capacity of modern electrical appliances, installed all necessary sockets and switches. All engineering communications, if old and needed repair and replacement, should be repaired and replaced, plumbing and other equipment installed, life support systems. If all these works are done, you can start finishing.

If you are finishing an apartment while living in it at the same time, start work from the furthest room, moving towards the kitchen.

Roughing finish

By this point you should already have, at least in your head, a design project and a clear idea of what materials will be to be used in finishing. This determines the necessity of certain finishing works. If you’re going to mount plastic panels on walls or ceilings in the bathroom, there’s no point leveling them and doing expensive plasterwork using beacons. The same applies to those places for which the plasterboard will be used — it is also mounted on a cradle or a metal profile and, as far as the surface will be flat, is of no particular importance.

In the first stage it is necessary to make all those works, which are characterized by increased humidity – plastering, putty of walls and ceilings, pouring of concrete tie, laying of tiles.

Please note that the concrete screed should cool well, and this will take up to 7 weeks. To walk on it, of course, it will be possible before, but to arrange the pouring floors only after the first layer is completely drying.

Finish finish It

begins with the installation of interior doors, but the casings do not install at the same time. “dry” work is carried out on installation of suspended or stretch ceilings, panels, flooring and wallpaper is plated. After that, it is necessary to secure the screws of the skirting and cash on the door, nail the shelves, cornices for curtains.

As for the order in which the rooms of the apartment are separated, it should be started with a bathroom and a bathroom, but the loggias and balconies are finished in the last place, because they are used for warehousing of building and finishing materials.

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