When to plant fruit trees

What fruit trees plant autumn

is the optimal planting time for seedlings with an open root system or with a bare root. Disembarkation time without attachment to climatic zones — from the moment the foliage falls naturally to the freezing period of the ground. After buying seedlings with foliage, immediately rip off it all leaves to reduce moisture loss through them and dry the seedling itself.

In autumn it is good to plant frost-resistant varieties of apple trees, pear seedlings, cherries, currant bushes, gooseberries, raspberries. The root system has no dormancy period, and by spring the seedlings will have time to clamp down. If you haven’t had time to plant the seedlings before the onset of frosts, send them before spring to the basement, packing the roots in a plastic bag with little sawdust or sand. Or dig, for which you cut a groove 30-40 cm deep, deeper to the north, in which you lay the seedlings with crown to the south and pour loose earth to the tips of the twigs. The seedlings are stored until the ground is completely thawed in spring.

What fruit trees plant in spring

Tree with an open system of roots is non-frost resistant (these include some varieties of apple and pears, heat-loving apricots, peaches and cherries, some varieties of plum and cherry) are better planted in spring. Pits for spring planting are better cooked from autumn. Then planting seedlings you will start immediately after thawing the ground while the soil is saturated with moisture. The period of spring tree planting is ending with the appearance of the first leaflets.

The basic rule of planting is the sooner plant, the easier the seedling adapts and more likely to be well settled.

In conditions of high humidity, plant the tree on the hills prepared in advance from autumn. Landing them is carried out unambiguously in spring.

Timing of planting seedlings with closed system and in containers

The timing of planting of earthen lump seedlings (closed root system) is more stretched. In spring the planting period is extended until the onset of hot days, if the planting is carried out in cloudy weather, and the crowns of seedlings with leaves shade, shading white gauze.

Seedlings with a closed root system need abundant watering within a month of planting.

In autumn seedlings with a lump of earth can be planted as soon as the heat drops, without waiting for the foliage to fall. Watering and shading will be required for seedlings. Another option is to ruffle the foliage on a tree. The planting dates in autumn last until the onset of frosts.
The timing of planting seedlings in containers is from early spring to late autumn. On hot dry days, it is better to abstain from landings. Crowns of planted fruit trees shade, seedlings are regularly watered.

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