What to do with trimming boards? Beauty!

In the process of working with boards, every joiner accumulates trimming. It’s all sorts of bars, reiki, trimming boards. They are all of different lengths and thicknesses. You can also come up with a use, but it will take a lot of imagination and work to fit different hair parts. The result is a lot of trimmings and sawdust, and the result may not always please.

But there is one interesting way to recycle waste. They can be turned into a stapik. 10 by 10 mm section.

In modern times, the wooden stapik, as such, has already refused. Plastic windows displaced wooden windows, and therefore fascia for panes are no longer in progress. However, there is another interesting application for registers. It’s called Kumiko.

Kumiko is an ancient Japanese art of woodwork. We all know there’s not much wood in Japan. And every board had to be used to the maximum. Light partitions covered with cloth or paper were used in the construction of houses. Such partitions are called “shōze”.

Over time, drawings began to appear on the partitions. They were hand-picked from thin ropes. Turned into flowers and cranes. And it’s already turned into real art — Kumiko.

Now the true masters of the art “kumiko” units. It’s a very painstaking and time-consuming art. Fit accuracy reaches hundredths of a millimeter

But you can take advantage of some elements of this technique and create something beautiful. For example, you can make a flashlight.

To manufacture it you will need a lot of dry and identical ropes. They should be handled on a raysmus. It’s best to do the whole lot at once, then all reiki will be the same.

On the Internet there are many pictures and circuits of connecting registers among themselves. You should start with simple elements. Attempting at the first stage to produce several thousand identical, small parts is unlikely to succeed from the first time.

Working with rail power tools is problematic. They break down and crack. Therefore, all work is done by hand. Knives, saws with a small tooth. For example – a metal canvas.

It is very important to observe the identity of all Otherwise the drawing will not come together. It makes sense to make templates and stencils for this. It will make your labor much easier. It’s better to spend time making a quality template than to throw out the whole batch of substandard parts. Templates are made under each batch of registers.

You can type a picture in fact. Create a frame from ropes and fill it with individual elements. Process is creative and fascinating. With this approach, you will get a really unique thing. You can invariate with the sizes and colors of the ropes.

The work is very painstaking, so you shouldn’t count on a quick result. Patience should be gained. But the result will meet all your expectations. Successes.

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