What polish to choose for the floor

Wooden floors are not only environmentally friendly and warm, but also with quality stacking and handling of wood will last many years, bringing comfort to the house. One way to treat wooden floors is to cover them with varnish. This coating not only protects the wood from destruction, but also gives it additional depth and naturalness of color.

Sex varnish is designed to create a protective layer on wood that can prevent from mechanical effects.

When choosing varnish in the store, you should pay attention to the type of solvent that is at the base of the lacquer itself. The solvents used can be divided into two types. Aquatic and organic type.

Organic solvents are used in varnishes with increased strength requirements after drying. Organic solvent based varnish has a pungent chemical odor.

Most commonly such varnishes are used for outdoor work. Such varnish quite well tolerates intense abrasion and mechanical loads. Excellent for covering the wooden floors of the terrace.

Water-based varnishes are most commonly used in indoor spaces. They do not have a sharp smell as organic and are suitable for handling wooden floors in any living area, including children’s rooms. The minus of such varnish is its exactness to the quality of wood.

In the manufacture of varnishes, in addition to different types of solvents, there are different components in its composition. The components used in the varnish composition differ in a number of their properties.

  1. Polyurethane varnish can be considered the most desirable for covering floors. It creates an elastic film on the surface, providing mechanical protection for the wood. Such varnish is environmentally friendly.
  2. The

  3. acrylic component is used in the production of water-based varnishes. Good for the floors in the nursery.
  4. Alkyd varnishes have rapid drying, but are poorly resistant to mechanical and temperature influences.
  5. Epoxy varnishes should be considered for outdoor work. They perfectly withstand temperature differences, are not susceptible to moisture and withstand mechanical effects. However, during operation release toxic substances.

When choosing any of the varnishes, you should pay attention to the manufacturer of this product. You can trust your health and the health of those close to you only well-established companies. But even making your choice should not forget about the technology of applying varnish on the wooden floor. Otherwise even the most expensive and high-quality polish can spoil all the impression of the floors. But it’s a very different story.

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