What myths about plastic windows its best not to believe

Such an opinion developed in the population as a result of fictional stories transmitted by humans to each other. Such stories can be called ‚Äúsarafan radio‚ÄĚ, but not reliable facts.

The material of making PVC windows is harmful to health

This is a mistaken opinion. Modern double-glazed windows are certified. They are completely safe for human health.

It is better to choose products with more cameras 

This judgment is in some way correct, since the number of cameras inside the frame depends on the degree of thermal insulation of the profile. Therefore, it is better not to install single or two-chamber windows in residential areas. They are intended only for warehouses and other service facilities. But also five-chamber frames are not necessary in an apartment located in the middle strip of Russia. You’ll overpay money for them for nothing. For such conditions, three-chamber double-glazed windows will suit. More cameras are required only in the Far North (in a private house with autonomous heating you can also install four-chamber windows to save on fuel)

Closed PVC windows prevent ventilation

 So think people watching condensate on glass. In fact, the old wooden structures provided ventilation due to undense docking with openings. Now we use higher quality materials for installation, excluding drafts. Normal ventilation can be provided with regular ventilation and ventilation system installation.

Plastic cannot be painted in any color 

So people who observe only standard products in stores. It’s an illusion. PVC windows are laminated with special film of any shade. They are even made under wood, stone and other materials. By ordering this design, you will be able to choose different tones for different sides of the glass window.

The white profile turns yellow over time

Don’t buy questionable products, and it sure doesn’t turn yellow. Global brands control their products at all stages of production. Their profiles do not turn yellow, deform or break down under the influence of weather conditions.

Wood is better than plastic anyway!

So say the most persistent defenders of wooden windows, for whom all the listed arguments are irrelevant. But they’re not right. Each of the materials has its own merits and disadvantages.

For example, plastic frames are more convenient than wooden in that they:

  • do not need to be painted;
  • do not require regular repair (replacement of straps, smearing cracks appearing on wood due to desolation);
  • do not fear fire;
  • do

  • not rot;
  • provide reliable protection against drafts.

By installing high-quality plastic windows, you minimize heat loss and save on heating your home.

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