What cement to choose in the market

What of itself is cement, many know. Going into the details of the chemical composition does not make sense, as it interests us purely from a practical point of view. Namely for the preparation of cement solution. But the quality of the solution will largely depend on the quality of the cement used.

When you come to the market or to the building store, you should already know what needs you need it and in what quantity. And here begins a real quest for the choice of goods. Sellers, people interested in selling their goods, so trust ourselves and knowledge obtained from the Internet.

The brand of cement is marked with the letter M and numbers from 200 to 600. The greater the chiffric indicator, the stronger the product will become. For example, cement M600 is called also military. It is most often used in the construction of military installations such as bunkers and even missile mines. Usually in construction quite enough cement mark M 400. Apart from good strength it is quite affordable and priced.

Having decided on the brand, you can go to the choice of the manufacturer. And there are plenty of them in our market. There is even import, such as Chinese and Turkish. Yes, the Chinese supply even cement to our market. Think about buying it, it should be remembered that cement has an expiration date. The older the age of the cement, the more likely it is that some of its qualities it has lost. And if you take into account the time of delivery of goods from China to Russia, the idea of buying such cement should be treated with danger. With Turkish cement the same situation.

Even in the market you can find bags with no markings and inscriptions. Or with one word alone – CEMENT. Sellers will convince him of his quality, but… It may well turn out that it is ground to the desired condition previously tainted cement. Or caught in the fallout, or just lying long in the warehouse and clutching. As you understand, real factories won’t put their products on the market without labeling. So, buying cement in bags without inscriptions, you pay money unknown to whom. There is no promlem if you need cement to make flower beds. Suitable and such. But if you have a building house, you should pass by such bags.

You can, of course, take one bag per sample, but it should be remembered that all properties of concrete manifest over time. And the fortress of concrete will not come immediately.

Any case needs to be approached thoughtfully, especially construction. The use of substandard cement can destroy all the pleasure of the construction process itself and lead to poor quality results. Do you want it?

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