Wallpaper: Types and Rules of Choice

Wallpaper selection is an important part of repair. To finalize how to glue the walls in a particular room, you need to take into account several moments:


  • area of the room (for example, for a small room in Khrushchevka will be completely expensive sleepers with a large accent pattern are inappropriate); 
  • height of ceilings (for example, a room with ceilings of 2.5 meters should not be divided horizontally); 
  • level of natural solar lighting (a room with windows north is not worth finishing in dark colors, for a room with windows south you can use colder colors);
  • general style (for country and Provence style is suitable covering with a fine pattern; 
  • for oriental style ornament, images of classic Turkish or Indian plants; – pictures with cypher are good for classical, modern styles;
  • for eco-style it is unlikely to be appropriate to use artificial materials.

Vinyl is typically a paper or flizelin base covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride of different thickness. Such wallpaper is practical, well washed, does not tear when sticking. Very often used for painting, withstand up to 10 or more dyeings. Vinyl can be selected for any style of the interior of the apartment. This kind of wallpaper does not allow air, quite labourable to work (the sheets are glued only in the back, so the walls should be perfectly even), can have a bad smell after the sticker.

Paper sleepers – a natural, inexpensive and versatile kind of wall finishing. The air is passed, allowing the walls to “breathe”. Easy to work, can be glued. Thin single-layer paper wallpaper can tear when glued, two-layer (duplex) more durable. The drawing can be selected for any style. Paper sleepers can’t be washed. Colors can burn out from direct sunlight. You can’t paint paper either.

Volumetric photo wallpapers – a modern version of finishing with three-dimensional image. Suitable for spaces with a large area. They can cover part of the wall, one or more rooms, kitchen. Glowing (fluorescent) or LED variants are available. Do not burn out in the sun, carry wet cleaning, durable, but expensive.

Natural eco-wallpaper has a paper or flizelin base, on which thin cuts of natural materials are glued (bamboo, jute, cork, wood veneer). Do not tolerate wet cleaning, burn out in the sun, difficult to stick, expensive.

Fiberglass wallpaper is made of the finest glass threads interwoven according to the type of fabric. Eco-friendly, very durable, have a long life. Used in new houses to strengthen walls, withstand reusable painting. The glass fabric does not burn, it does not form mold.

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