Types of wooden fences

Due to the ease of handling of the tree, as well as its many breeds, which have different texture, strength, color, resistance to precipitation, there is a large variety of types of wooden fences. In its long history, fences made of wood have developed an evolutionary path from vines and frequencies to high-tech fences, which are characterized by a multi-layered structure and original design performance.

Types of wood fences

The most common version of the wooden fence is a pin, which is a fence with vertically positioned elements.

A solid wood fence characterizes an even contour, perfect geometry, beauty of natural wood.

A solid fence is a classic kind of wooden fencing. When it is installed, the fence boards are fastened with a single structure, without lights. Due to this internally, the space of the enclosed area becomes completely hidden from foreign views.

“ Ranch” style fences are most commonly used in farming and peasant farms. Typically, these are 2-4 horizontal boards fixed to wooden heavy posts. The raw elements of such a fence give the “ranch” fence a somewhat rustic look, and therefore it is ideal for a farmstead in a rural style. And well-treated light boards are perfect for a plot with a wooden house. A “ranch” made from logs is used to fence cords for horses and livestock pastures.

Braided (braided, tyn) – a simple, but at the same time elegant kind of fencing, which is made of vines, blaming the snake vertical supports made of wood. Due to the simplicity of construction and the ubiquity of free material, this fence can often be seen on the homesteads. Using qualitatively processed material, the braid can be installed as fences of respectable hotels and restaurants decorated in ethnic style. In

the manufacture of a staggered wooden fence, the boards are arranged staggered on both sides. This type of fencing refers to deaf type fences, creating a barrier for extraneous views. “Lesenka” (“herringbone”) is one of the variants of the two-way face fence. This type of wooden fence has spans that are made of horizontally arranged and laid flat boards.

The wooden lattice allows the sun well and does not shade plants. This fence is suitable for garden and summer plots.

Wooden grille is made of struts placed in cross-cross and mounted on a load-bearing frame. Such fences are made of oak, beech, ash, larch and other types of wood. The fence is straight and oblique. By grouping fascia among themselves and changing the distances between them, you can achieve very unusual and beautiful decorative patterns.

Decorative decoration of wooden fences

In terms of the decorative component of wooden fences there are almost no restrictions. Fencing made of wood can be decorated with various patterns and ornaments. You can coat it with varnish or paint it. If there is an opportunity and desire, you can decorate the wooden fence with carved elements. This will give your plot a unique charm and flavor.

It is necessary that the wood fence fit into the landscape and harmonize with your plot. After all, fencing is not just protection, but part of your housing. And therefore it is important that the wooden fence after its installation becomes a harmonious element of the architectural and landscape ensemble.

Ready-made wooden fences: the price

of finished wooden fences depends on the type of wood, as well as on the quantity and size of materials used — the rod, poles, decorative and structural elements. The cost of a turnkey fence usually includes all necessary materials as well as installation work. To save, you can make a wooden fence with your hands.

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