Tips for choosing a carpet

If your room is aged in calm tones, then you will suit a carpet of bright colors. It will revive the interior by adding new, cheerful notes.

Carpets look great on any floor, whether laminate, linoleum, or marble tiles. As for the choice of color – it is of course your taste personally, but it is necessary to remember that rugs of bright colors, should not conflict with the rest of the details of your interior. For example, pick up a carpet in tone to the cushions on the couch, or floor lamp.

Large carpets are best suited for living rooms and bedrooms, they create warmth and coziness. Also, the carpet of large sizes is great for the children’s room, – both soft and beautiful.

Rugs of a non-standard shape, for example, oval, it is not desirable to place under bulky furniture, otherwise all the “zest” of the product will be lost. However, this does not mean that on such a carpet you can’t put a graceful decorative table. The well-chosen size and shape oval carpet looks stylish and original.

If you choose a carpet for the hallway, it’s best to leave about a metre of loose, unrugged floor, this will help to visually increase the space. Carpets are able, conceal or delicately veiled some of the inadequacies or errors of the room. For example, if you have a narrow room, a carpet with horizontal stripes is best suited, it will create the illusion of space.

These tips will help you choose the carpet correctly.

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