Tile works: types of tiles, cost

Calculating the cost of tile work is not so difficult. It consists of what kind of tile was used, the meter of the room, the price of the brigade. To properly orient yourself, first study what types of tiles are and in what situations they are used.

Types of tiles

First of all the tiles are divided by place of application:
– for walls;
– for floor.

Naturally, they differ in strength, method of styling, design, shape and size, and many other parameters. And in each case, the cost of works and materials will be calculated individually.

Wall tiles are one of the most running materials. They are used when finishing the walls of the bathroom and toilet. It is also often used to decorate a wall apron in the kitchen. Its main advantages are that it is environmentally friendly, durable, water resistant, frost resistant, easy to care and reasonably budget. In shape such tiles can be either square or in the form of a curb.

Ceramic wall tiles are usually covered with special glaze resistant to chemicals and rigid cleaning sponges. In addition, the tiles must be smooth and smooth without any chipping or defects.

Budget versions of wall tiles are presented by Russian manufacturers. More expensive are those models that are made in Europe – Italy, Germany, etc.

Lower price does not mean that Russian tiles are less competitive and bad in quality. It is simply that manufacturers in Russia do not need to pay import duties, and as a result they do not fall into value.

Floor tiles are even more durable than wall tiles. After all, it withstands completely different loads. Floor tiles are used in most cases for bathroom, kitchen and hallway finishes. Tile in this situation is the optimal solution. This coating is very durable and comfortable to care. Moreover, modern floor tiles do not differ from wall and design. It is also very beautiful and can easily be folded into various compositions, such as mosaics.

Types and costs of tile works

The tiling works include stacking in a simple way, laying out mosaic options, circular masonry, etc. But it is not a complete list of tile works, which are usually carried out by masters. So, for example, tiles can be laid out also a curb, and a plinth, as well as an art panel.

All works are produced about the same. A special mortar for masonry is applied to the walls, which is later stacked with tiles. In the process of masonry, special delineators are placed between the tiles, which contribute to a more even layout of the tiles. Later, they are removed without problems and the seams are rubbed with a special grout.

The use of materials is also included in the total cost of the works. However, it is worth considering that the price of such auxiliary elements is not so high. Therefore, the cost of works will not increase much.

The cost of work is calculated by square meters. So, for example, the price of laying one square meter of floor tiles will cost within 700 rubles. Putting 1 square of tiles on the floor will cost 800-900 rubles. Mosaic, of course, is more expensive – about 1100 rubles per sqm. The curb and plinth are estimated at 350 rubles. The final grout of the seams costs about 110 rubles per square.

Paving tile

Another kind of tile that is used somewhat less frequently than those stacked in an apartment is paving. It is fundamentally different from domestic options, because the burden on it is much more than on home. Paving tiles are a definite analogue of paving. It differs from it in the correct shape and material. The paving is made of natural stone, so it has an irregular shape. The pavement tile is made of artificial stone, and it is cast and is therefore flat and standard. This noticeably simplifies the masonry process and accordingly makes the works cheaper.

The cost of paving work depends on many factors. So, for example, it is important to have a prepared base. if it is not present, additional work on preparation will cost about 400 rubles per square meter (and it will be a sandy -$ rubble base or concrete). The tile itself will also cost 400 rubles per square.

Additional works are also taken into account – dismantling of old coating, garbage removal, installation of gutter and kerb. In the first case of work will cost 350 rubles per square meter, the analysis of blockages and garbage removal is estimated at 150 rubles per square, install the curb and make the gutter will cost about 250 rubles.

Accordingly, to get the full cost of the works, it is necessary to multiply the available price by the number of squares of street space.

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