Steam sterilization: how to process not to burst the bank


Using the treatment of vapor cans, the sterility of the packaging is achieved: the product will be stored for a long time, and different forms of bacteria do not will be able to penetrate it, as the capacity will be sterilized. However, it is the process of sterilization of cans of steam that causes many people difficulties: cans from the temperature burst and explode, and it is not always possible to hold a hot container.


For starters, rinse the cans in warm water with some dishwashing detergent that dissolves well and does not form much foam. Then make sure to inspect the entire surface of the jar from inside and out, if you find chipped and irregularities, it is better not to use it.


The most popular way is sterilization with the help of a pot. Take a pan and a lid suitable for it in diameter, ideal if you can remove the handle from the lid and open the hole that is removed for its attachment.


Pour clean water to no more than two-thirds of the height of the walls in a saucepan. Cover with a lid and bring to a boil. While the water boils, cut a circle with a diameter of 10 cm out of dense cardboard, in the center cut a hole the size of holes from the handle removed from the cover (well or a little more than it).


Without removing the lid, when the water begins to boil, put a cardboard billet on top of the lid and put a jar on it so that steam from the hole of the lid came directly into the throat of the can. The cardboard will protect the glass from thermal shock. The whole process of such sterilization of the can should take about 15-20 minutes.


Removing the jar from the lid, be neat and do not touch it with your bare hand, you can remove the jar with a towel, tacks, but it is more convenient to use silicone cook mittens – so the can certainly not slip out of your hands.

On the table unzip a clean dry towel and put the jar down.


For the sterilization process you can also use the following items as a cover:

– sieve, – colander,
– mesh from the oven.


Along with this method of sterilization, sterilization of cans in the microwave is gaining popularity. Water is poured into the jar for about 3 centimeters, and the container is installed in the microwave for 5 minutes. The water boils quickly and sterilizes the can with steam.

This way of sterilization will take less time from you than the way over the pots, so you will be able to disinfect more cans quickly.

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