Select intercom with surveillance


intercom functionality, equipped with video

surveillance function, allows you to install two-way voice communication with the visitor at the same time allowing you to see it on the screen of the video monitor mounted in the home control. The outer part of this device, which is mounted at the front door or at several, is equipped with one or more call panels with miniature surveillance cameras. They can be both black and white or color, respectively, and the image on the home monitor screen will be black and white or color.

In addition to this basic feature, the video intercom can also have other features, many of which significantly increase its cost. It is built-in additional memory, video channel, the ability to record audio and video files, connect to other communication systems at home (communication and alarm), special keylock system, providing only authorized access.

If the intercom has the ability to integrate into the telephone line, it will be possible to conduct telephone conversations.

What to pay attention to when choosing a video intercom

to begin with, decide on the features you need. In the case, when you live in an apartment building, where there is already an audio intercom phone installed on the entrance door, you will have enough to install a video intercom with basic functions on the door to the apartment that allow you to get a clear image of the visitor on the video monitor. For a country house with a large area and a few wickets, it makes sense to purchase an image system integrated into the engineering structure of networks, with a maximum set of functions, guaranteeing the safety of information about visitors.

By such criterion as price-quality to choose a device among those produced by the world’s leading brands, it is quite difficult. Provided that you prefer a well-known and proven brand, the reliability and life of the video intercom will be high regardless of the price category.

The remote electronic lock function will allow remote opening and closing of the electromechanical lock installed on the front door.

When selecting, pay attention to the convenience of using the appliance. Compact models have small screens, the image on which not everyone will be able to make out without glasses. The dimensions of the screens range from 3.5 to 10.5 inches, the optimum is 7 inches, it is almost 18 cm diagonally. Choose the number of channels you need depending on how many front doors you have in your home. If you want to know who tried to break into the house in your absence, choose an intercom with memory function. When you live in a private house or apartment, it is convenient if you can talk to the visitor by hands-free, for this purpose your video intercom must be equipped with hands-free function.

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