Secrets of plasterboard ceilings

Drywall ceilings

The main material used to mount the suspended ceiling is drywall. For this purpose, a drywall sheet measuring 12.5 or 9.5 mm thick is usually taken. Only the second option is used for apartments, as it facilitates the construction as well as the installation process. For bathrooms it is recommended to use moisture-resistant drywall. Fire retardant sheets of drywall also exist. But they are used very rarely because of the expensive price.

In addition, for installation of the plasterboard ceiling you need a guide profile, ceiling profile, straight suspension, profile connector, self-cutters, anchor wedges or dowel nails. As well as level, roulette, drill, screwdriver, crown for large holes, sandpaper, spatula, shirts, construction knife. In addition, a lamp is required if it is intended to be mounted in the ceiling.

Gypsocratonic ceilings are collected quite simply. It is not necessary to have special skills and skill to carry out this work. After all, almost anyone can cope with this simple task using the simplest tools.

As a result of working with drywall you will get an absolutely flat surface. Plus, this material will hide the cracks and irregularities of your ceiling. And under it it is very convenient to hide wires and communications.

Ceiling design options that you can choose for yourself are unlimited. You can make a tiered or single-level ceiling and choose any color for it, depending on personal tastes and preferences.

The plasterboard ceiling is an ideal option for a variety of light experiments. The main thing is to observe all technologies and rules of installation of such ceiling.

Before the beginning of work, the design of the ceiling drywall is marked. It has to be very durable. For this purpose, all its bearing parts are well fixed to the base at the same distance. This ensures the protection of plasterboard sheets from sagging.

Next, the work is promoted according to the installation instruction of the ceiling.

Rounding drywall

To give the room a beautiful and modern look, support the selected exquisite design, most often is made a multi-level ceiling with a variety of roundings. By the way, the wall, especially if it is a plasterboard partition in the room, is also often subject to such exclusive solutions. In addition, people began to round the door and window openings, turning them into arched ones. It gives housing a special charm, a zest. And an apartment or house is really starting to be perceived quite differently, in a new way.

You can make such drywall rounding on your own. To do this, it is not necessary to hire a construction crew at all. To accomplish this task, there are several different options.

For example, you can moisten sheets and then put them on special templates.

But the simplest and most commonly used in many ways is considered creating slotting in plasterboard sheets. The connection location must be marked using lines parallel to the bend (using a step of 1 cm or even more often). The cardboard is then cut through on one side and on the marked lines. The most important thing at this stage is not to cut through the sheet of cardboard itself. Now you can do any rounding. To ensure greater strength, you can then smear the slotting with gypsum solution.

In order to ensure the final transformation of the drywall ceiling, it must be putty. After that, it becomes beautiful and gives the room a stylish and solid look.

Special paper is usually used for putty stitches and joints. The process of finishing joints is carried out according to a specially designed algorithm of actions.

At the very beginning, the sutures are smeared with putty. Then a special paper tape is applied on top and pressed with a spatula, exerting maximum effort. After that, another layer of putty solution is applied on top and rubbed with a grinding skin or sandpaper.

For installation in the ceiling of the lamp it is necessary to use a special drill glass for a round hole of the desired size. A drywall hacksaw can be used for a rectangular hole. In order to hang a light source, use specially designed for this purpose gypsocaronic dowels.

Here are all the main secrets of the design of drywall ceilings. Thanks to their use in practice, you will be able to create a ceiling of your dreams that will transform your home beyond recognition.

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