Secrets of building chopped house

What you need to know, deciding on the erection of a chopped house

gradually becomes fewer and fewer masters who are really familiar with the technology of construction felled houses, which passed from century to century. To build a really strong and reliable house, you will have to look for specialists for whom these technologies are known. This is especially important if the design of the building is complex enough.

In addition, be prepared for the fact that such a house gives up to 7 -8% shrinkage, which is due to two reasons: the shrinkage of wood and the crumpling of logs under weight load. Moreover, this shrinkage, especially noticeable in the first 2 years, can last up to 8 years. Therefore, you will not be able to enter the house immediately upon completion of construction, you will have to wait at least a year.

Engineering communications in the chopped house are installed a year after the end of construction. For a while, the heating should operate in a gentle mode, not exceeding 8°C.

Every wooden chopped house, even made according to a typical design, is unique. Wood is a living material, so all the nuances of construction can’t be considered and envisaged. But you should be aware of those common points that will allow you to avoid mistakes in the construction of a chopped house, and to erect a building that will last more than one century.

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much depends on the quality of the forest. The best option is the northern forest harvested in winter time. This is due to the fact that the trees in the north grow slowly and the density of the wood is higher, it is more resistant to bacteria and effects of atmospheric precipitation. There is not much moisture and natural juices in the tree cut down in winter, minimizing linear deformations and fibres twisting.

Windows and doors in the chopped house cut through after the walls are erected.

The second important factor is the quality of logging, preparation of the log for laying. It is very difficult to combine both, but if you are limited in funds and the price of a northern forest good felling seems exorbitant to you, choose better quality felling and buy properly treated logs, because modern antiseptic drugs and protective coatings will be able to provide long service life and improve the quality of wood. The

quality of the felling depends on how the grooves that have a lunar shape will be executed. The best shape of the grooves is achieved by hand when they are cut down with an axe and exactly repeat the shape of the logs that will be nested in them. When the grooves are smaller or deeper than necessary, moisture may enter the gaps between the logs, fungus and mold may become embedded in them.

Another important point is the installation of the rafter system, which should provide shrinkage and shrinkage of the material. Therefore, sliding supports and shrink jacks should be used when mounting rafters, making the roof support as flexible as possible.

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