Screw foundation: what is it and where is it used?


foundation can be safely called the foundation of any house. It is on the quality of the foundation that depends the durability of the house, its stability

There are a large number of different foundations. Deep, ribbon, bay, brick, pile and other. But all have one main function is to keep the house.

When choosing the type of foundation, it should be remembered that in many ways it will depend on the house itself, on its floor and material used in construction. In case you plan to build a house using frame technology, you can well stop your choice on the foundation of screw piles.


screw pile design itself is very simple. By and large is a metal pipe with a blade on the cone-shaped end. Thick-walled pipes of various diameters are used as piles. Features of the use of screw piles are several.


  1.  screw pile can be used on difficult terrain. The large height difference is not a hindrance to such a foundation, but the ability to twist it in manual mode, without the involvement of specialized equipment, makes it indispensable in hard-to-reach places.
  2. Screw piles used to build foundations for extensions do not cause irreparable harm to existing foundations. Screw piles do not shift the soil when swirling them into the ground.
  3. High speed of pile-screw foundation construction. With the availability of materials and knowledge, you can equip a quality pile field in just a couple of days.
  4. Screw piles can be used as an addition to the existing foundation. The old, which has lost strength foundation, with such support will last many more years.

The scope of screw piles is much higher than that. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the pile can be screwed if necessary.

In case you have chosen screw piles as a foundation you need to know their characteristics and design. Basically piles differ in the diameter of the rod. The most common diameter is 57, 76, 89 and 108 mm.

  1. 57 mm. Such piles are used to build fences and light structures.
  2. 76 mm. It can be used both for building fences and for supporting small buildings such as gazebos or street toilets.
  3. 89 mm. It is already a more serious pipe and may well be suitable for arranging terraces, porches or even small houses. This pile is able to hold weight up to 4 tons.
  4. 108 mm. The most suitable pile for the construction of a house, including a two-storey. It can withstand weight up to 6 tons.

If you choose the foundation for your construction, stopped at the screw, it is necessary to study the technology of its installation. But it’s already a very different story.

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