Rose “Black Magic”: description and subtleties of growing

The rose “Black Magic” got its magic name due to the unusual color of flowers. Depending on the lighting and angle of view, the delicate velvety petals of the plant change their colour from dark maroon to almost coal-black. In addition to the high ornamental properties the rose variety “Black Majik” has other important advantages, among which it is possible to highlight high resistance to the vagaries of nature and quite a long period flowering.

Description of the variety

Hybrid rose “Black Majik” is a compact bush plant not high more than 1.5 m. Powerful erect stems are covered in places with sharp spines and large leathery leaves of glossy dark green hue.

On one escape most often formed no more than one bud classical for roses of the Ionian form. It is extremely rare to see a sumptuous brush of 3-4 inflorescences of dark wine or rich burgundy hue on the stem. Flowers at the Black Magic rose always have a bocal shape. The petals have a delicate velvety texture to the touch. The fragrance is faintly pronounced and unobtrusive, but very delicate and exquisite. With the onset of cold, the sweet floral smell tends to intensify. Up to 25 inflorescences can form on a single bush “Black Majic” rose in a single season.

Peculiarities of cultivation and care

To grow a rose “Black Magic” in your garden, you must strictly adhere to several basic rules of agrotechnics:

  • The main condition for successful cultivation of the hybrid is to choose the right place for planting. Rose “Black Magic” is very afraid of strong winds, so the plant should be planted only on areas that are well protected from drafts. Also, the plant makes quite high requirements for illumination. This flower culture grows very poorly in the shade. Due to lack of sunlight, the plant is much more susceptible to various infections and moreover blooms smaller inflorescences.
  • For

  • a bush to develop normally, it must grow at a certain distance from neighboring crops. The minimum allowable distance is not less than 90-100 cm.
  • The soil for growing the “Black Magic” rose should be faintly acidic and well-loosened. Before planting in the soil, it is highly desirable to add wood ash or mixture containing equal amounts of compost, overbite and river sand.
  • For rapid development, the plant should be watered only with warm and detached water. Moisturized soil must be loosened so that it does not form a crust.
  • In the first year after planting the plant in the open ground, it is best to remove all formed buds. Eliminate all flowers is necessary in order for the plant to form a stronger root system.
  • From nature the rose “Black Magic” has very good immunity, but to avoid fungal diseases the plant should be protected from excess moisture. A small drought pink bush will carry without much trouble, but from too abundant watering on the plant can appear a dangerous fungal infection.
  • Periodically, hybrid rose bushes need feeding. In spring it is recommended to use fertilizers containing nitrogen in its composition to accelerate the growth of shoots. During the period of active butonization, the soil can be removed with manure or bird litter. In the first half of autumn, various potassium-based feeding is possible.
  • Before the onset of winter frosts, the tea-hybrid rose must be trimmed and sheltered. In winter, in warm weather, the bottom of the shelter can be slightly opened for access to fresh air. Rose “Black Magic” refers to cold-resistant varieties, so easy frosts are not terrible.

The Black Magic rose in landscaping is used in both solitaire and group landings. When combined with other plants, the “Black Majic” rose looks good with aquilegies, delphinums, and many other snow-white or pale blue flowers. In solo performance, the rose of the “Black Magic” variety looks spectacular against the backdrop of manicured green lawns, as well as planted in small groups around ornamental shrubs.

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