Roman curtains in the interior

Features of Roman curtains

Roman curtains in the interior are a cornice on which a rectangular fabric fabric permeated horizontally control bars. In the lowered state, such curtains are completely flat. To secure their shape and give clarity to the folds in the fabric are sewn weightlifters – fascia.

Roman curtains can be attached to a whole window opening, on a sash, to a ceiling or wall.

Adjusting Roman curtains can be a cord or chain mechanism that allows them to rise from the bottom up, forming neat folds. In large rooms, they are controlled by remote control, which actuates an electric drive hidden in the cornice. When closing and opening such curtains can be stopped at any desired level relative to the window.

Roman curtains are made of fabrics of different composition and texture. The classic version uses tapestry, as well as sewn from organza, velvet, brocade. In addition to fabric, natural materials such as braided wood, straws, bamboo can be used as the material of making such curtains. In this performance they will look especially interesting in the interior in ethnic or eco-style.

Solid or transparent Roman curtains are typically found in modern interiors. To achieve maximum grace and comfort, they are often combined with tulles, curtains or straight curtains, as well as with lambreken. Such a game of styles, as well as a wide selection of fabrics, provides the designer with a wide range of possibilities to execute the project he conceived.

The use of Roman curtains in the interior

Best of all Roman curtains will suit modern interiors with stylish design (minimalism, high tech, classical, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, japanese, etc). The use of these products is also recommended in rooms where ordinary curtains look not very appropriate. For example, it can be window openings in the bathroom and the bathroom, on the balcony or the loggia.

Application of Roman curtains is appropriate in restaurants, conference rooms, office spaces.

Decorated with Roman curtains you can study, bathroom, kitchen, nursery, bedroom, living room. For a kitchen where it is often not possible to arrange a side of window openings, such curtains can become an optimal option. You can not clean the curtains to the top, because you can adjust the right height of their lifting. Thanks to this, they will not interfere with the flowers or other items that you need in the kitchen.

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