Red in the interior โ€” advantages and disadvantages;

For this reason not every designer will decide to create an absolutely red interior. Using such color in the house requires real creative thinking, courage and, of course, professionalism. If a talented designer decides to embody the idea of a completely red interior, the result is something stunning and luxurious.

In everyday life, however, people usually don’t claim to be great and grand. They understand that red is not easy to tame, so diligently bypass this color side, decorating their dwelling in other colors. And in vain. Red has far more merit than flaws. By applying red wisely, you can create a unique image of your home.

Why should you use red in the interior with caution? First, this color, if there is a lot of it, acts excitingly and causes irritation. This applies mostly to impressionable children and nervous, restless people. Working in a room dominated by bright red is not easy, as it is exhausting. And second, visually the room with red walls seems smaller, which creates the illusion of pressure and constriction of space.

The competent use of red color in the interior will bring more light and energy to gray weekdays. It is no coincidence that is why there are so many red shades in the theater and concert halls (carpets, portiers, furniture). Red color gives solemnity to the interior, creates the atmosphere of the holiday. The impression of luxury and grandeur in the interior creates red color in skillful combination with golden and wood color of valuable rock. The interior of some types of ethnic style cannot be embodied without red.

When looking for original ideas to create a unique atmosphere in the home or office, remember the properties of red. If you learn to manage his exuberant temper, skillfully using the virtues and wisely considering the shortcomings of this color in the interior, then the red color will be revealed to you for real.

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