Polycarbonate Greenhouses: pros and cons

Polyethylene, glass or polycarbonate

 Parnic covered with polyethylene film, glazed or polycarbonate greenhouse. What to choose? Many countrymen, sooner or later, ask such a question.

Polycarbonate greenhouses began mass conquest of the cottage market about 10 years ago. Every year fans of such designs become more and more. But there remain among gardeners and those who do not accept miracle buildings.

Advantages of polycarbonate greenhouses

If you compare polycarbonate greenhouses with polyethylene beads and glazed analogues, the former are much more durable. The material used in their creation is not afraid of wind, rain, does not burst in high heat and low temperatures. Another important plus is that modern greenhouses pass light well.

Disadvantages of polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic. With significant heating, the material expands, with sharp cooling narrows. Over time, this leads to problems with greenhouse tightness.

After 4-5 seasons with untidy operation, the surface of polycarbonate can be covered with scratches. This will not make the plastic less hardy, however, it will negatively affect the level of transparency. Plants will receive less light, which means they will not be able to fully develop.

It is worth considering that polycarbonate, both perfectly lets solar energy into the greenhouse, and quickly allows it to be released. With high heat, the plastic heats up, inside the structure oxygen becomes significantly smaller. Green spaces begin to experience discomfort.

During frosts, this type of plastic cools rapidly, which negatively affects plants. This problem is solvable. Overnight the greenhouse can be covered with spanbond. So called environmentally friendly polypropylene material.

In winter, summer dwellers have to create snowdrifts inside the greenhouse on their own. Otherwise, this piece of land will not be sufficiently hydrated in spring.

Disposal of old greenhouse

Factories that produce polycarbonate greenhouses most often give them a guarantee of 15 years. However, according to experts, quality goods can serve more than 20 years. It depends on the strength of the material and the frugality of the dachnik.

Problems arise with the disposal of polycarbonate that has served its term. For its processing few, who are taken, accordingly this unecological material is sent to landfill.

Before you stop your choice on a polycarbonate greenhouse, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons, and then picky to choose the goods, then the summer purchase will delight for many years.

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