Plastic interior doors: choose for apartment

The main advantages

Comparing traditional wooden interior doors with similar plastic models, it should be noted that the plastic interior door has greater strength. Studies have shown that even a strong enough bump cannot deform an interroom door made of plastic. Plastic interior door can withstand double loads and is not afraid of frequent opening and closing.

In conditions of limited living space, the interior door should have high soundproofing, be fire-safe, silent and high-quality.

In addition, it should be noted that PVC doors are highly moisture resistant. It is especially practical to install plastic doors in areas where high humidity levels are often possible, such as a bathroom, kitchen or shower room.

As for other performance characteristics, the interior door made of plastic is easy to clean, over time does not lose its appearance, does not crack or change color. The plastic door can easily fit into any interior thanks to the fact that the range is wide enough and includes a variety of shapes, colors and designs.

The main secret of plastic doors is short production times, use of modern polymer materials, excellent quality, wide range and competitive price. Unlike models made of wood or MDF, plastic does not require additional attachments in the form of varnish restoration or paint renewal.

Modern technologies allow to produce interior doors of various models: sliding, double-leaf and single-bay, with glazing and solid, arched structures and “doors with stud “.

Choosing the interior door, you should pay attention to the quality plastic profile and glass glazing. A good interior lock or shut-off system plays an important role.

In addition to good technical characteristics, the door must fit the design of the If you take a corridor type, often the door connects a corridor and a living room, which are almost always made in different color solutions. Please note that the corridor and any other door made of plastic can have different coating and fit harmoniously into the interiors of different rooms.

Plastic interior door allows you to save finances substantially, but not at the expense of saving on quality and functionality.

Sliding interior door

The latest fashion trend in design — sliding interior doors that allow you to create individual interior, can act as a decorative element of the room decoration, help effectively save space and have a number of other advantages. The sliding door can have a flat or arched configuration, allowing the door to be mounted even in the corner of the room.

The door structure itself consists of a canvas and a sliding mechanism, which is also a fastening element of the system. Package and configuration of the door sheet can be any: filench, all-glass, shield or stained glass.
But the sliding system contains several more components: guides (can be upper and lower or lower), roller devices and stoppers. It should be noted here that the sliding system in which the guide is one and it is located at the bottom is less convenient. If the structure is drowned in the floor, dirt can accumulate in the guide. Sliding system with two guides is more convenient. It acts as follows: the lower rail carries the main load, while the upper rail is responsible for the smoothness of the stroke.

Another type of interior doors are the dormitories, which have a similar device and mechanism of action, as well as sliding doors. The folding door saves space more efficiently and fits well into the interior of small apartments, allows you to adjust the width of the doorway. But, it should be noted that the folding door – harmonica has less heat and noise insulation properties.

The mechanism of the folding door device differs somewhat from the sliding mechanisms, and the door canvas itself cannot be one-piece. However, the sliding door design provides soft types of canvases made of materials such as fabric and leather. The sash frame itself is often made of plastic, imitating its appearance under wood, stone or metal.

All kinds of sliding doors have some features in the selection of fittings. Please note that the door models have deep handles that do not interfere with sliding.

Plastic interior door is resistant to pollution, does not require special care, has hidden seams and features a large selection of color solutions.

Very often in modern apartment design sliding plastic doors play the role of partitions and screens, which allow, if necessary, to quickly increase space and combine, for example, living room and kitchen. Such a “painless” redevelopment is very convenient if you’re hosting a holiday and hosting a lot of guests. Sliding doors allow rational use of square meters and create separate zones if necessary. Thanks to such door designs, it is easy to implement any non-standard design solution.

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