Original and practical use of mirrors in the interior

Mirror is not just an interior element. For centuries it was endowed with magical properties. Some of them have reached our times. Manufacturers offer mirrors of different design and format. With them, you can visually change the size of the room, make it more cozy or official.

The illusion of space

A small interior element set in the right place will make the room bigger and lighter. At the same time, one rule is observed — vertical mirrors draw space, and horizontal it expands. You can hang it perpendicular to the window. But before that, examine whether the mirror will create unnecessary glare. This option will allow you to create more illumination.

Another plus mirrors is the ability to fix interior flaws, for example, you can decorate arch, protrusions and places where there are communications. When positioned correctly, these elements will no longer stand out and draw attention to themselves.

Original use of mirrors

If you have free space under the stairs, it can be “brought to life”. Organize the built-in cabinet in this place, making its doors mirrored. This will help increase the space, facilitate the process of choosing the right clothes.

In large rooms or in the kitchen you can make a wall decorated with mirrored tiles. It is not only a good decorative solution, but also a design reception that allows you to refresh and fill the space with light. You can easily arrange motivating labels on each element.

Original techniques:

  •  Mirror window. Make it in a room where there are no windows at all or the room itself looks small.
  • Decorating the table. Mirrors are used as tabletop decoration. They should be placed in the middle where flowers or candles are planned. Such a reception can be used to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • The

  • apron in the kitchen is made of mosaic. Mirror elements will give this zone a more solid look, and reflective rays of light fill the room with light.

If you want to impress your guests, put a large mirrored table, taking care of the ceiling design in advance. The latter should look original.

Mirror is an independent art object. The only subtlety to put emphasis on when placing it is to take care of the correct proportions of the whole composition. Such elements of the interior, which have illumination, are relevant. Thanks to the correct shade you can make the mirror look weightless and light.

Selection mirrors

Manufacturers produce mirrors of any shape and color. Before buying it is necessary to clarify information about whether such goods have a certificate of conformity. By it you can easily determine what materials this piece of interior was made of. The elements that are too thin can have an uneven surface and the image can be distorted. Optimal variant — mirrors with glass thickness from 4 to 6 mm.

Good products are made of sheet silicate glass. Examine your acquisition for scratches, irregularities or points. If you saw air bubbles on the surface, this purchase should be abandoned.

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