Modern bedroom – what is it like?

Modern bedroom design can be completely any, there are no clear rules or restrictions. It can be both oriental style and minimalism, and hi-tech, and many other options. The only requirement to obey when designing a bedroom is that such a room should be a place of relaxation and relaxation. And this means that it is necessary to pay attention to details and very clearly think through the whole design. It is not recommended to overload the bedroom with various small things and unnecessary details – it is not possible to create a feeling of slamming in it. It is also recommended to pay special attention to the color in which this room will be made. It’s best to use 2 shades, which is especially you like (better if they will be light and calm).

What styles of bedroom design today there

are today at the peak of popularity there are several directions:

– minimalism;
– classic; – vintage;
– eclecticism;
– high – tech.

The classic bedroom option pays special attention to the color solution. After all, it is color that dictates both mood and well-being. Traditionally the classic variant is pastel shades. At the same time, it is not necessary that the colors are bleak, they may well be rich. Such are also called noble. Specialists include white, green and blue tones to this color scheme. Gilding is allowed, but only in moderation. Otherwise it will look tasteless.

With regard to furniture, natural wood options are preferred. It is still worth considering that furniture should not be too much – 4-5 items are quite enough.

High-tech style suggests the presence of perfect smooth walls, preferably without wallpaper. Perfect will be various chrome parts – lamps, handles and fittings of doors, framing mirrors, etc. Colors that are used in this style – predominantly monochrome – black, white, grey. Ideal if furniture items (which should also not be many) will perform functions that are not peculiar to them.

Minimalism, as it is understood from the name, a direction suggesting the complete absence of superfluous elements. Typically, such bedrooms give a sense of ease and expanse. The colors that are used here should also be quite restrained. True, the colour scheme can be wider than in other variants – both black and white and grey-blue. The only thing to avoid is oversaturations.

Popular today the direction in the design vintage has found its place in the decoration of bedrooms. It is best applied in large spacious bedrooms. After all, it’s easier to place antiques. Vintage style in the bedroom creates pastel colors – delicate, light and warm. You can put wicker chairs here. Details such as patchwork-style quilted blankets, crochet capes, silk with ornament all allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of a cosy past. Large chandeliers can be hung in the vintage bedroom, as well as candlestic-shaped candles or candlesticks. In this style it is possible to use tulle for curtains. As an option, they can be supplemented with tulle canopy on the bed. Photographs and paintings on the walls, which will fully correspond to the spirit of the era, will be a great addition in this direction.

Eclecticism involves mixing different styles. It can be classics and art nouveau, as well as many other variants and combinations. Plus such a bedroom decoration is that it is utilitarian, ie suitable for everyone. In such a room you can always feel cozy and secure. The interior of such a room is distinguished by special originality.

Universal bedroom design tips Modern bedroom

interiors require maximum space free. It is proven that if you overload the room with extra details or overly rich décor, you will not feel rested. It is best for finishing to choose natural and at the same time simple materials. Paper wallpaper, piece of masonry unplastered wall, use of artificial stone, etc. – a great solution for modern bedroom design.

Also widely used for finishing and fabric materials, decorative plaster, as well as flizelin wallpaper. In most cases, these combinations are used in the bedroom in an eclectic or hi-tech style.

When designing a bedroom, one of the important aspects is the color solution. You can use either two neutral shades from the same range to be used for larger surfaces and one to accentuate parts. And you can take one bright color for the main part of the room and neutral for parts.

The dominant part of the room usually becomes the area near the bed. It can easily be painted in contrast to the main color. Alternatively, you can use different ornament to decorate this sleeping area.

Lighting is another important factor in bedroom design. Modern manufacturers and designers offer a huge number of options for lighting the room. These can be both ceiling lamps and wall lights, as well as LED lighting of furniture and accessories. But central huge and bulky chandeliers are not popular. It is better to replace them with a wall lamp in the bedside area or a table lamp.

Another detail that should be paid attention to when drawing up a design project of a modern bedroom is furniture. It must be functional – not bulky, not high, without any decorative excesses (such is allowed only in vintage style). Refuse better from canopies, bedside pads (leave a maximum of 2-3)

, heavy gardines, etc. The bases are made special shelves, in which you can store books and much more. This and the place will help save, and the bed will make very original.


cabinets, if any, are in the bedroom, should be glossy with as large as possible mirror surfaces. It is desirable that the facades of such cabinets merge with the finishing of the walls.

Naturally, in the bedroom, as in any other room, there are various accessories (even though the recommendation is to keep their number to a minimum). They also need to fit the overall concept of the bedroom. You can place here a large flower in a pot, which belongs to the category of non-flowering, 3 or 4 wall elements (frames with photos, pictures and pictures, panels, etc.), a couple of table photos in calm frames and large wall clocks. The

use of figurines, if not provided by bedroom style, is best to refuse, as they will look inappropriate and become an extra dust collector.

Naturally, these recommendations are universal, and if they don’t suit you, you can create your project and bring it to life. After all, the main purpose of the bedroom is to be an island of comfort and safety for each person.

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