Laminate on the wall: beautiful and simply

Laminate on the floor has been commonplace for quite some time now for a lot of people. The huge choice in quality, colors and size made it a very common material. But design thought doesn’t stand still. Here’s the floor laminate moved on the walls. It turns out to be quite successful. It’s both aesthetic and practical and very durable.

If you decide to succumb to new trends and put laminate on the walls instead of wallpaper, you should know a few rules and features. After all, it is always unpleasant to remake the work done.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the choice of the laminate itself. It is divided into classes for its quality. Since its initial purpose to lie on the floor, the quality indicator for it is the level of protection against abrasion. For walls that no one will walk on, there is enough laminate with class 21-23. Class 31-33 is designed for rooms with high walkability, and therefore the price for it will be higher. But on the walls it’s completely to nothing.

There are a

lot of laminate producers. Including Russian ones. Domestic laminate is quite reliable and in price is in the average price scale. Chinese is cheaper, but applied in its making mixtures are harmful and have a bad smell.

The color of the laminate can be picked up by any, or even play different. The main thing is that the laminate is one manufacturer and has the same types of compound. Selecting different colors will allow you to highlight certain areas in the apartment For example, the headboard of the bed in the bedroom or the TV and equipment area in the hall. Fantasy can be included here.

Several types of compounds exist in laminate. It can be chamferless and then you have to lay it on glue with smearing joints like those of ceramic tiles. The advantage of this laminate will be the ability to cut it in any size and shape. And then form a mosaic playing with flowers.

Laminate with castles can be of two kinds.

With a spike will require you to have a certain skill and a prepared surface. Can be attached to the frame, screws, nails or glue. Seamless connection is achieved by tight clamping of parts.

The most convenient laminate with a click connection. It’s also a spike, but its shape allows you to latch the edges of parts. After clicking, the surface has virtually no seam. This laminate is attached to the frame using kleimers, screws or glue.

 If you decided to ennoblement the wall with laminate, you should know a few simple rules. Laminate, although at its core moisture-resistant MDF, is subject to some expansion or narrowing under the influence of the environment. Before laying it on the walls silt floor, it must be unpacked in the room for 2 days. This will allow him to become what he will be in this room.

For possible expansion, you should leave 2-3 cm to the floor free. This gap will then be closed with a plinth and can be used for wire laying, such as television cable.

Using laminate on the walls, you can not only quickly make quality repairs, but also turn your housing into a place with individual design. And don’t forget that the laminate is durable and perfectly washed.

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