Interior design of living room;

Effect of spaciousness and simplicity

If you prefer to surround yourself with free space and do not want to clutter the living room with furniture, try to arrange a room in minimalist style. The main distinguishing features of minimalism are: the absence of screens and partitions, the minimum number of decorative elements and decorations, the presence of functional furniture, clear geometric lines, monochrome in color design and as much daylight as possible.

So, to begin to bring to life the design of the living room is worth with the right choice of color. Visually increase the space will help design with monochrome design. The fundamental tone is better to choose white color. A good addition to monochrome design will be metal objects, glossy textures and mirrored canvases.

The main motto of the style is comfort created by simplicity. This means that the living room should not be decorated with embroidered napkins, curtains in flowers or small figurines. Choosing furniture, prefer simple shapes and light tones. As for shelves and cabinets, it is better to choose built-in furniture: the most hidden and functional. In the presence of curtains and carpet, the first should be solid and fit to the color of the furniture, but the carpet should choose a small, rectangular or square shape with a geometric pattern.

To prevent the room from turning out unnecessarily cold, try to decorate the walls with the best family photos made in black and white scheme, arrange several floor vases and provide pleasant lighting.

Please note that the design of the living room sets the tone for the design of the entire apartment, so carefully consider the style and color combinations before proceeding with the renovation.


general today in interior design there are more than fifteen different styles for decoration of rooms for every taste.

For those who like quiet and comfortable privacy or nice conversations over a cup of tea with relatives, but consider minimalism less comfortable and cozy, you can arrange a living room in a modern style, which too emphasizes free space, but does not reject the subtle sophistication of modern textures.

The living room in a modern style is simple, not bulky furniture, natural materials, lack of lace, turnovers and ruches. Here each interior item is the main one, and is shown as individual and unique.

As for color combinations, it is better to combine neutral and bright colors, thus highlighting a particular interior item. For example, making walls in neutral color, be sure to add bright accents by resorting to accessories. The opposite option is possible, when bright walls in the interior are well complemented by various accessories of neutral shades.

It is not necessary to reduce the importance of various architectural details, which give the modern style personality. Fill the interior with texture, decorating the walls with decorative stone or other structural elements.

Advantage in diversity or bright designer cocktails The

fast pace of modern life dictates its conditions in housing design. Among the variety of materials, textures and other temptations, it is difficult for a person to choose one. That is why for bright personalities who are always in search of something new, lead an active lifestyle and love experiments the ideal living room will be a fusion style.

Stylish and versatile design makes the room bright, individual and respectable. Mixing different colors and combining styles you can create a unique living room where you can find a place brought from different countries souvenirs, a cute plush toy and pillows with a naive and a little baby embroidery. Decorating the living room in a fusion style is easy, the main thing is not to be afraid of experimentation and let cute trinkets live their lives.

As for color combinations, there should be a contrast that will be pleasing to the eyes.

The apartment with a living room in fusion style looks light and cheerful. The main components of the style are warm and natural surfaces, convenience, bright colors and a cute combination of incongruity.

The beauty of fusion style is that there are no defined rules in the design. The main thing is not to overload the space with details and create a harmonious atmosphere.

But for lovers of humor and those who prefer a positive way of thinking it is worth arranging a living room in the style of kitsch, which is able to completely convey inner world of each of the inhabitants of the apartment. The style suits those individuals who are not afraid to go contrary to fashion and rules, established norms and reasonable reason. Decorating the living room in kitsch style, use bright, flashy colors, mirrors, metal elements and accessories, combine different textures and materials, use cheap fakes of famous brands. This style allows you to fully give your temperament and character, feel the flight of fantasy and adhere to absolutely no rules. The style of kitsch will help to show epatatality and extraordinary nature in the interior of the living room.

To create an individual and unique living room design today there are many design solutions. New technologies and materials allow you to make any room as beautiful, comfortable and, most importantly, functional. There is nothing impossible in modern design, to visualize and make every dream come true.

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