Improvement of the cottage plot with your hands

Landscaping of the cottage plot can be done with your own hands, only for this you need to think through all the stages of future improvement in detail. The decoration of the garden includes a large number of different works, it is both landscaping and laying paths, and the construction of various buildings for decoration and use, and the erection of a drainage system and much more.

The project of improvement of the

house construction should start long before the beginning of the summer season with the drafting of future works. First, apply all available buildings, perennial trees and shrubs to the plan. Consider what of this you will leave intact, and what you will remove or redo.

Before taking up cutting, weigh all “pro and cons”, because it is not difficult to remove the tree, but the new one will grow for a long time. If possible, save existing buildings – this will significantly reduce your costs.

The remaining space is divided into the following areas: work, children’s, sports, recreation area and so on. The availability and size of these areas will depend on what you want to use the country area for: for growing crops, relaxing with children, fun parties with friends, kebabs on weekends or something more. Don’t make all decisions alone, you should definitely consult family members, neighbors and friends.

When you have introduced all the basic elements of future design to the layout, proceed to detail. Divide the garden and gazebo with garden paths, limit the flower bed and pond to curbs, consider the views and varieties of green spaces, materials making greenhouse, baths and much more.

Some types of work also need to plan in detail, as well as, having really assessed your strength, decide what you will do with your own hands, and for what jobs you will hire professionals.

Start of beautification of the cottage

Before starting work on the arrangement of the cottage plot, do cleaning on it. Take away all the rubbish and last year’s leaves, cut dead bitches, uproot the stumps, tow and paint the buildings that need it. Only after all these procedures will it be possible to begin the main work.

Don’t grab all at once, select one plot or zone and start putting it in order according to the plan. After that, take up another site.

The landscaping of the garden plot is most often started with hedgerows. This will immediately define the border of your territory and help to indicate internal division into zones.

Gardening of the garden plot There are different ways to green

the plot, it is also planting fruit and vegetable crops, creating flower beds, green hedges, and in the children’s area, recreation area or sports it is possible to plant soil cover plants.

Soil-cover plants are good in that almost do not require care, quickly cover free space, preventing the growth of foreign weeds, look like a very beautiful green carpet and along them nice walking barefoot.

Also, most of these crops are perennials, they are enough to plant once, and they will delight you for years to come.

The best way to decorate the homestead plot is a variety of flowers. They give a unique appearance, make the garden elegant and changing, as they flower at different times. Flowers are appropriate in any zone, you only need to correctly pick up soil for them and create a combination that will have to your family’s taste.

Green hedges are a great alternative for a person who does not want to see heavy structures made of concrete, glass and metal in the garden. The living wall helps the buildings blend harmoniously into the natural landscape, it is quite possible to decorate the fence, gazebo, veranda, barn for tools and much more.

Improvement of various areas

Take care of convenient paths for quick access to any part of the garden, the choice of material depends only on your desire. It could be gravel, paving tiles, concrete screed, stonework and more.

Pay special attention to the choice of coverage in each area, if the children’s area or recreation area can be covered with small green grass, then the BBQ area is better laid out fire-proof tiles or concrete screed.

Dacha buildings finish with durable material, many of which will not only significantly increase the life of the building, but also become additional decoration, due to its attractive appearance.

Drainage system

It happens that in spring, when snow melts, or after heavy rains, water is long delayed on the homestead. It has a bad effect on plants, they experience oxygen fasting, as excessive hydration does not give air flow to the roots, so can become severely ill and even perish. Equally devastating water affects soil and garden buildings, washing out the former and forming mold and fungus on the latter.

In order to avoid all these negative effects, it is necessary to think carefully through the drainage system and land reclamation. The system in each case is created individually depending on the height of the site, the abundance of precipitation, soil composition, proximity of lakes and rivers, depth of groundwater running and other parameters.

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