Ideas for terrace or veranda

To relax well, you need to properly equip the terrace according to your preferences. There are several options for organizing this zone.

1. Summer kitchen
Project on the terrace city kitchen is not worth it at all. Design can be to your taste even the simplest. The main attributes here should be a stove, a small refrigerator, all the necessary kitchen tools with utensils and a work place for the hostess. The brazier will also find its use in the summer kitchen, because fried meat prepared in the fresh air is just the perfect dish for dinner and meeting guests. An important condition is the presence of a roof so that bad weather can’t leave you without lunch.

2. Mini beach
Absence of a roof terrace and availability of sufficient space will allow you to organize your own small beach. We will need a shadow zone (use a beach umbrella or special awning), several sunbeds and an inflatable pool. This will be enough to sunbathe and freshen up.

3. Dining area
Sit in the company of friends and relatives for a delicious dinner, and also in the fresh air – here’s the perfect meeting. Not to be close requires enough space, a large table and chairs. The use of plastic furniture will be more practical. That is, a spacious dining area is organized. Don’t forget the roof over your head so that the outdoor table isn’t ripped off by rain.

4. Living room
With a nice weatherproof terrace, you can organize a comfortable living room here. Furniture it upholstered furniture, coffee tables, indoor plants and don’t forget about the TV. Bright lighting will allow you to read a book or magazine in the evening.

5. Special place
Arrange the terrace so that it does not resemble some room. Hang a spacious hammock here, put a small floor swing or organize a hookah and scoop around soft cushions. Numerous plants will give special comfort. The terrace will become a special place for relaxation

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