How to withdraw borschevik

You will need
  • – rubber gloves;
  • – secator or scissors;
  • – flammable liquid;
  • – matches;
  • – herbicides;
  • – bayonet shovel.

Borschevik grows very quickly and has tremendous survivability. It can reach giant sizes (up to four metres high). In the morning, so much dew is formed on this plant that you can wash your hands or wash your hands. But in no case should you approach Borschevik, having touched this handsome, you risk getting severe burns. Borschevik releases poisonous substances into the atmosphere that can cause painful conditions: headache (sometimes until unconscious), nausea and vomiting. This plant is especially dangerous during flowering.


To get rid of this weed forever, it is better to use different ways, so you will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Trim flowers in small areas and in the initial flowering stage. The main thing is to use precautions, as Borschevik juice when ingested on the skin can cause the appearance of a burn. Be sure to put rubber gloves on your hands, a raincoat on your clothes or any material that will not allow the juice to be absorbed into the clothes. Grab an umbrella from below and cut with scissors or secator all the flowers.


The next way to deal with borschevik is by burning. Thanks to this, you will destroy the weed seeds during the ripening period. Do not miss the moment of this event (before the fruit is ripening in the largest umbrella). This method requires neatness and special care. Pour plant umbrellas with combustible liquid, set on fire. Step away, as during the combustion period, harmful essential oils will be released from the borschevik. Observe fire safety, prevent juice from falling on clothes and exposed areas of the body.


Before flowering of borshchik treat plants with herbicides, later treatment will be less effective. The concentration of herbicides used must be double or even triple from the prescribed instruction. The effect will be achieved after two to three such treatments with a break between them of two weeks. Abundant wetting with herbicides generative shoots, leafy rosette, inflorescences.


It is possible to use manual individual method. In early spring, when plants are just beginning to grow, it is time to go out on the homestead with a bayonet shovel. It is very important to use a well-sharpened tool. Cut down the borschevik growth place (just below the root neck). If you cut down the weed above, there may be a few dormant buds left on the root, the plant will grow again and give seeds.

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