How to Stroke Walls: Technology and Tools

How to choose a tool to qualitatively throb the wall

Home Master must have in his pantry a hammer and chisel or chisel. The technology of tribulation by such a tool is reduced to the fact that the sharp edge of the tooth is placed in the place where the markings are drawn, and the blow of the hammer on the tooth makes the necessary deepening in the wall. To speed up the process and make an even line, a hacksaw is applied. This is done by inscriptions along the entire length of the furrow.

This unpretentious type of work on the trampling of walls is not only employed, but also takes a lot of the time of the master. The only advantage is accessibility for anyone who doesn’t have professional skills. If the wall material is malleable and short grooves need to be made, this option can be successfully used. The hammer and tooth will be suitable when the existing track is extended, when the sockets are required. This method is completely unsuitable for buildings in which walls are made of brick or concrete. Here they are trobbed only with a special power tool. Manual tribulation with the help of a traditional electric drill increases the speed of operation and gives a qualitative result. If the electric drill is carried out on a concrete wall, there is a problem such as “burning” of the drill.

How to Stroke Walls

Action Scheme is as follows:

  1. The wall surfaces are marked.
  2. For electric drill selected a drill from the won. Required drill diameter – 8-10 mm.
  3. Along the layout line, an electric drill creates a “point track” consisting of holes. Hole spacing shall be 0.5-1 cm.
  4. The

  5. electric drill needs to be kept so that there is a right angle with the wall, otherwise the winning drill can go to bend and break.
  6. For a wide groove, the holes are arranged in a staggered order.
  7. If the walls are brick or concrete, then the electric drill needs to be turned off periodically, and the revolutions are used small. The winning red-hot drill needs to be cooled by immersing it in cold water so that the drill does not come into contact with the water surface.
  8. With a hammer and a stampede knock out the gaps.

This method is applicable where work is done on a small section of the wall. This can be wiring within a single room when expensive equipment or professional construction workers are not required. So you can save significantly on payment.

If there is a thorough redevelopment in the house or apartment, this technology is not suitable. Only a professional master electrician, who has a specialized tool, will be able to do high-quality tribulation and installation of wiring.

Quick installation of electricians helps to produce a special troborese. This professional tool is equipped with two diamond-coated discs. As a result of using such nozzles, the master makes absolutely flat and neat furrows on the wall in one pass. The troborese is arranged so that the special cover screens the disc nozzles. There is a drain in the shroud to connect the vacuum cleaner. Thus, it is possible to avoid the spread of dust while working with the Stroboresis.

Depending on the need and according to the layout of future wiring, you can select and set the desired distance between the disk nozzles so that the specified width and depth of the groove is obtained. it makes no sense to buy a troborese for a single shot, it is very expensive A great solution will be to invite a master who has in his arsenal a troborese and will be able to qualitatively and quickly fulfill all requirements of the owner of the apartment or house.

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