How to strengthen the laminate on the wall? Simple!

True, such a mount requires a certain quality from the walls themselves. They need to be even and clean. Cracks, chipped and potholes are better smeared with putty. Do not glue laminate on old wallpaper.

Ideally it will be if the wall is primed or even leveled at the expense of drywall.

The way the laminate is installed on the glue is good in that it allows the use of cheaper laminate that does not have grooves around the perimeter. It can be cut into individual decor elements and form mosaics from them, playing with color and size. The joints between the individual elements are smeared, as are those of ceramic tiles with putty.

 A polyurethane sealant or mounting glue can be used as an adhesive. The composition is applied on the back side of the laminate throughout the perimeter and several bands across the center. The main requirement for such a laminate installation will be your neatness. The details should be pressed firmly against the wall and tapping with rubber kiyanka. The adhesive should be removed before it is drying.

The markup for sticking laminate is better applied in advance. Leveling the glued part is very problematic. If the laminate is laid horizontally, you should start from the bottom of the floor, leaving 2 cm gap. If the lamellae are vertical, they should be installed from the top left corner.

Another way to mount the laminate on the wall is by means of a cradle. There is nothing complicated about it, but it is quite time-consuming.

Choosing this way, think, maybe it makes sense in passing and insulating the wall? Between parallel fascia is a perfect insulation such as, for example, foam. The main thing to remember when mounting the frame is that the standard width of foam sheets is equal to one meter. Therefore, in order to avoid a large amount of waste, the distance between the rails should be taken in 25 cm.

If the laminate is positioned horizontally, the fascia should be mounted vertically to the wall. The main thing in this process is to observe the dimensions between the rails and use the building level. The entire appearance of the laminated wall depends on the quality of the installation.

Attach laminate to wooden bars is best with kleimers and cloves. When shopping at the building store fasteners, make sure that the size of the kleimer fits your laminate. If everything is normal, the installation of laminate will pass quickly and efficiently.

Laminate manufacturers also paid attention to the fact that their material moved from floor to walls. Going on the occasion of the buyer, came up with their own system of fixing laminate on the walls. It consists of aluminum slats on which laminate is attached. The slats are also like wooden fascia fastened to the wall. But their advantage lies in special laminate clamping mounts. This simplifies by covering the walls with laminate, but slightly increases the cost of the whole material.

Whichever way you choose to mount, one rule should be remembered. Any case should be handled responsibly. Then the work will be a pleasure, and the result will please you for many years.

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