How to return color to black things

You will need
  • – table vinegar;
  • – water;
  • – instant coffee;
  • – tobacco;
  • – dye for black fabric;
  • – mascara.

Before washing black clothes, soak it for 15-17 minutes in a vinegar solution. To prepare it, fill the pelvis with cold water (4-7 liters) and add 2 tbsp table vinegar. Then wring things, wash them in the usual way, and then rinse again in the vinegar solution (2 tbsp vinegar for 4-7 liters of water).


Pour into the pelvis 5 litres of hot water and add 2-3 tbsp coffee. Lower the black clothes into the coffee solution and leave for 18-20 minutes. Then rinse the product in cold water and dry it.


To refresh the garment of black color, lower it for 15-18 minutes in a tobacco solution, (to prepare it add 15 g of tobacco to a liter boiled water and mix these components thoroughly). Then wash the product in room temperature water, dry it and wipe it with a brush dipped in tobacco solution.


Return the black garment saturated color with special dyes. Buy quality paint for black products (it is sold as tablets, paste, powder or solution). Carefully study the instructions that go to it and only then proceed to dyeing the clothes. Paint the product immediately after washing, but before the last rinse. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to rinse the garment solution: this procedure will prevent washing out of the paint.


To return the color to black clothing, when rinsing it, add a little black mascara to the water, as well as 2-3 tbsp table vinegar. Use this method of restoring black color when rehabilitating a solid product.


Give the product to dry cleaning. Here it will be painted with a quality dye: clothes will acquire a rich color, and besides there will be no stains, no divorces.

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