How to replace the crusade at the armchair;

You’ll need
  • – cross screwdriver;
  • – slotted screwdriver;
  • – hexagons;
  • – hammer.

Chair Cross can be made of metal or plastic. Diameter can be: 580, 600, 680 mm. The chairs designed for children are fitted with smaller diameter crosses, while the larger ones are placed on office chairs. If the plastic cross is capable of withstanding a load reaching 100 kg, the metal is 20 kg more. At the same time, plastic breaks much more often, so it is best replaced with a steel cross.


Replacing the cross starts with dismantling the old one. It will be necessary to remove it in such a way as not to damage the casing of the gaslift, which is mounted in the middle of the cross. In this case you cannot use all your force, otherwise not only the gas elevator, but also the entire mechanism of lifting and lowering the computer chair will be damaged.


Remove the rollers from the old cross and remove the topgan, which is attached to the seat by means of four bolts. Remove Topgan from the gas lift with a few small strokes of the hammer on the perimeter. In addition, the broken cross can be sawed with a conventional metal hacksaw. Gaslift can be removed in two ways: from the case or from the cross.


In the center of the recoverable cross is a ring with five protrusions used to fix the plastic shroud. With a flat screwdriver, hook the ring and tip the edge of one of them. After that, gently shift the shroud to make it easier to remove its edge from the protrusion. This procedure will need to be repeated for all five plastic shrouds.


Now remove the plugs from the steel case, then insert new ones here. On the beams of the new cross, put on one casing and fasten them on specially designed clamping ring protrusions. In the new plugs, install the wheels and sit on the chair to check its validity.

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