How to protect a garden from rodents

You will need
  • – burdoc liquid;
  • – pulverizer;
  • – wood ash;
  • – glass wool;
  • – ruberoid;
  • – bait;
  • – Repellers;
  • – mousetraps.

After the end of the summer season, carefully crest all the fallen foliage, fold into compost pits or burn. Trees trunks and skeletal branches are treated from a pulverizer with a solution of Bordeaux liquid. To avoid burning trees, it will be enough to dilute the remedy in the proportion of 1 to 10. Rodents completely do not tolerate the smell of maroon liquid, even in the most hungry time they will bypass your site side.


Wrap the tree trunks with a thin layer of glass wool, on top of it fasten the ruberoid. Bulk a thick layer of wood ash around the trunks. Once the first snow falls, carefully trample it around the trunks, pour water. Through the icy crust, rodents will not be able to reach the bark they gnaw out in a circle.


To kill rodents and reduce their numbers, use special means in briquettes or packets. You can buy them in the regional department of sanitary anti-epidemiological station or in stores that are specialized in the sale of goods for the garden and vegetable garden.


Spread the lures in a cottage house, in a vegetable store, spread around fruit trees. To prevent bird deaths, spread briquettes or packets into narrow pipes. All lures have a specific odor that attracts rodents. To prevent briquettes from smelling your hands, put on sterile medical gloves when laying out.


In addition, arrange electronic repellants throughout the perimeter of the country house. Modern devices effectively cope with their task. All kinds of rodents will bypass your site by side. The devices can work from the electrical grid or from batteries.


Mousetraps can be used as additional means. The downside is that once a mouse or rat hits, you will have to remove the rodent and re-expose the appliance to working condition. If you don’t visit the dacha often enough, using mousetraps doesn’t make sense.

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