How to process the site from mosquitoes


a cottage or homestead plot, garden association territory, recreation areas, pioneer camps, holiday homes, sanatoriums, you can from the use of the insectoacaricide drug “Cyfox” and the more advanced “Medilis Tsiper” .$

Domestic drugs help to destroy not only mosquitoes and their larvae, but all the synanthropic arthropods, which give people a lot of trouble. With these means you can get rid of flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, mites. Disinfection is carried out in the areas of scabies, pediculosis distribution.

The drugs are released in polymer and glass vials of 10 to 250 ml for individual use and volume of 5 liters for mass destruction of insects on large territories.

To prepare the solution and use it is necessary to carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer and use the product in strictly recommended doses. Toxicity of drugs belongs to the third hazard class and is characterized by moderately dangerous for humans and animals.

Specialists from the sanitary anti-epidemiological station or specialists from private services can be called to process the sites.

If there is no desire to use chemical means on a personal country or homestead plot, it is possible to get rid of a large invasion of mosquitoes by planting plants whose scent insects do not carry. The best result is achieved when landing a cherry, basil, chamomile, velvet. This method is less effective than the use of chemicals, but its advantage lies in absolute safety.

In the control of mosquitoes it is necessary to use all available methods. Remove weeds in a timely manner, mow lawn grass, close water tanks, thinning tree crowns to avoid strong shading of the site.

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