How to plaster a ceile

You will need
  • – Level;
  • – Spatula (large and small);
  • – Perforator with nozzle – mixer;
  • – Primer;
  • – Roller;
  • – Tray for priming;
  • – Bucket for kneading plaster solution;
  • – Brush.

The first thing to do is remove old finishing materials (whitewash, wallpaper, paint) from the ceiling to the stove overlaps using a metal spatula. The resulting dust on the surface of the ceiling slab is removed with a brush, for convenience the brush can be soaked with a small amount of water.


The cleaned ceiling must be primed with a roller using a deep penetration primer. The primer will be the link between the slab of the slab and the plaster layer.


After the final drying of the primer, beacons must be installed. A small amount of plaster mixture must be kneaded to mount lighthouses. Lighthouses should be fixed a short distance apart, approximately 30-70 cm. Crapture the beacons in one plane, measuring the horizontal line level. After drying up the plaster holding the lighthouses, the ceiling can be plastered.


It is necessary to confuse the plaster composition according to the instructions.


Using a small spatula or master, fill with plaster mix the space on the ceiling between the lighthouses. Long spatula stretch plaster, making zigzag movements, moving through lighthouses.


In this way, plaster the entire ceiling.

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