How to paint MDF floor plinth: important recommendations

Selection of suitable skirting boards and selection of paint

 In principle in this case you can take both primed (that is, as if specially created for painting) and unprimed models. The only difference is that if there is no primer, it will have to be applied to the plinth on its own.

And only after that can proceed to the main stage — to the painting itself. This procedure is not so simple. And if you don’t comply with some rules, the result can be bad.

In particular, you should carefully treat the selection of paint. In this case, this is a material like MDF. And MDF plates are compressed in factory conditions wood waste of small fraction. And in principle, MDF plinths can be painted almost any paint from those that are found on sale. But still it is better to dwell on those that do not contain toxic substances and do not have an unpleasant odor. For example, water-dispersion acrylic formulations are suitable for these requirements.

Also, when choosing it is worth paying attention to such parameter as cover. The more harbourness, the fewer layers of paint will eventually be needed. The ideal option is when you manage to dispense with one layer.

Tools and accessories

In addition to the paint, you also need to have at least one of these three tools on hand:

  • paintbrush;
  • roller;
  • pulverizer.

They provide the greatest convenience when working with floor plinth, and for sure everyone knows how to handle them.

By the way, it will not be superfluous here and such a device as a painting tray. One of the edges of this tray in a special way is mown, and it can effectively knock down excess paint.

Peculiarities of the dyeing process itself

Before making the first brush and roller smear (or the first brush with a pulverizer), it is necessary to make sure that there are no dirt on the plinth, hairs, fat spots, etc.

If you want to paint the plinth plates in one tone with walls (this is a common solution), then it is more logical to do it after installation. In all other cases, the product can be given the desired shade in advance, before installation.

But in any case it is necessary to work in glasses, in a mask and in gloves. And the room in which the whole process takes place must be ventilated. In addition, in cases where painting is carried out after installation, it is necessary under the plinth, on the floor to stick the painting scotch. It is necessary to protect the flooring from accidental exposure to paint drops. Of course, later painting scotch is very easily removed from the surface – it is, in fact, its main feature.

And another point. In addition to dyeing, once the MDF plinth has completely dried, it can be subjected to and varnished. In the end it will acquire a pleasant glossy shine. Yes and damage or ruin such a lacquered plinth will be much more difficult.

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