How to make a mini garden home

Choose container

The size of a home mini-garden depends on your fantasies and the amount of space available in an apartment or house. Often, a large clay pot, wicker basket or plastic container are used as containers. It can be some unnecessary household item: pan, pelvis, shoe, and if desired, even furniture – an armchair, coffee table, chair, etc. Tin cans or glass containers look great – aquariums, huge decorative glasses, jars, bottles, salads, large cups, etc.

It will also require tools to create a mini-garden. Small shovels and rakes are easy to find in gardening shops. But instead of them you can use handmade means – for example, a spoon and a fork. Don’t forget to protect with newspapers or polyethylene the table you’re going to work on, and hands — with utility gloves.

Still to work you will need soil, drainage, decoration elements (sand, stones, glass, ceramic mosaic, various figurines).

Mini-garden plants

Not all plants are suitable for creating a home garden. There are some demands on them.

First, plants must be unpretentious to neighborhood with other inhabitants.

Secondly, it should be slow-growing species, because their main task is to maintain the overall view of the garden for as long as possible. Cacti, sedum, moss sphagnum, pachyfitum, stonefold will suit.

The plant root system must match the depth of the selected container. For example, succulents require low (somewhere up to 10 cm) containers. Decorative leafy plants, conversely, like tall pots.

All plants of your plant must be compact. Prefer young sprouts or dwarf species. These are helaxin, fittonia, gasteria, myrtle, ivy, fat,etc. From flowering plants suitable: violet, mini roses, cyclomen, kalanchoe, streptocarpus, etc.

Installation of the mini-garden

To begin with, you need to come up with the style and composition of the On paper, draw a plan for planting plants and arranging decor. If you like everything, you can start setting up.

At the bottom of the container we fill drainage (keramzite, broken brick, rubble, clay skulls – what is found at home). If you use a small capacity, a fine 2cm thick keramzite will suffice.

Then fill the soil. It can be bought in a special store or prepared by yourself, the main thing is that the composition is suitable for these plants. Add perlite to the ground (2 tbsp per 3 l of soil). It increases soil porosity, thanks to this plant roots will be able to breathe normally in a cramped pot. Perlite absorbs moisture and fertilizers well, and then gives them to the roots of plants as needed.

It is

necessary to plant the cooked planting material in the soil, observing the intended composition. In winter, it is better to do this by transshipment method – transfer them to a container together with a lump of land.


soil around planted plants needs to be lightly trampled. Water from a small watering hole or measuring glass with a spout.

For decor you can use any decorations, some elements or toys. Lodges, tables, garden chairs, small fences, garden mini-gnomes, etc.

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