How to make a folding wooden chair self

You’ll need
  • – 6 mm metal studs – 4 pcs.
  • ;

  • – nuts, washers of 8 pcs.
  • ;

  • – bar 40×40 mm;
  • – oil or morilka.

To begin work, 40 by 40 mm bars will be required. If you do carpentry, there should be no problems with them. But in the absence there is a way out. Construction shop. Usually there trade different chowage. Including bars. You can buy already stringed, but will also go out of the saws.
For one chair you will need about 12 feet of bar.
By observing the dimensions shown in the picture, sawn the bars onto the workpieces and drill the process holes with a diameter of 7 mm. The 6mm stud should easily enter it.
Holes can be drilled, dying out each individually, but most likely, after the first chair, you’ll want to do some more. So, that it is better to make immediately a template on which to do further work.


When the blanks are ready, they should be ennobled. Smooth corners of bars, grind sides. If bought already stringed, everything is easier. But for rough bars, too, there are options. You can use the Bulgarian and polish it all. Dusty, sure, but quite doable.
And there’s another option. You can use a gas burner and burn all the blanks. When firing, you can not be afraid of the tree turning into coal. This burns out primarily soft layers of wood. After all the blanks are blackened, you need to take the brush (you can metal) and brush it soot. After such a procedure, the tree will become not only smooth and very pleasant to the touch, but also will get a beautiful shade. To preserve it, the workpieces should be covered with colorless varnish.


When the varnish is dry, you will only have to collect the whole the design is put together. This will not be difficult to do if all sizes are met and stud holes are made in the right places. When assembling the first parts, the nuts should not be tightened. Let the details walk freely by stud. When all the details, according to the scheme, are located on the studs, you can start pulling everything. It should be done gradually by leveling the bars. In the process of pulling the seat and back will round. This makes the chair very comfortable. Surplus stud needs to be sawed off.


In front of you a ready chair in which it is very comfortable to sit, and in case of needs it can be folded and cleaned in a barn or on a balcony. During operation, parts can be weakened. Just pull the nuts up. Seeing the finished product, you can modernize it a little. For example, give the legs a different shape. It is possible to assemble such a chair from registers of a different format. The main thing is the idea and your fantasies.
You and your guests will appreciate such a chair. Don’t give up, create.

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