How to look after violet

You will need


  • flower pot with a diameter of 10 cm, ground for violets (senpolium), fertiliser for flowering plants, water
Fragile violet roots require loose, airy soil. You can use the purchase mixture for violets (senpoli) or mix the ground with peat in relation to 2:1.


Pot choose small, for a medium violet enough diameter of about 10 cm. In large containers the violet will not bloom, and in too small there will be no conditions for its normal development. On the bottom of the pot we put drainage – 3-4 cm of ceramzite.


Watering violet is carried out only in a pallet. By watering the ground on top, there is a risk of contributing moisture more than necessary, which will lead to rotting and killing the plant. Watering when the earthen coma is completely drying, about once a week. If the flower omitted the leaves, it is likely that it requires water.


It is possible to carry out periodic violet washing under the shower. The pressure must be quite weak not to break the leaves. In no case do not put a wet violet on the window, under the sun’s rays – the water will focus them like a lens, and the flower will get severe burns.


Propagate violet with leaves or rosettes. The leaf should be separated from the plant and put into a container with the ground or put in a jar of water, so that the surface of the sheet does not get into the water, only the cuttings. Both methods are successfully applied by flower growers. Grow violet starts from the bottom, from cuttings, so the wilted leaf is not a symptom of the plant’s demise. The rosettes are formed in the pot of the mother plant and look like a completely independent plant. Gently separating the outlet without damaging the roots, it is transplanted into a separate pot.

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