How to look after the lawn in spring so it pleases the whole season

Many lot owners don’t consider spring lawn care important. That’s another misguided opinion. Lack of care in spring can lead to an expletive herbal cover in summer.

Comb As

soon as the snow completely comes off the lawn, it should be compulsorily combed. In scientific terms, this procedure is called scarification.

In places of stalling water usually pass ugly molesters surrounded by dry grass bundles. Many gardeners aim rather to take the rake in hand. Take your time, wait for the full drying of the lawn. Comb the lawn better with flexible fan rakes, pre-adjusting the required length of the bars. Ordinary mercilessly yank grass with roots. It is possible to comb and with the help of a special device – a scarifier. On the principle of operation it is the same rake, removing withered grass and loosening the top layer of soil.


Another must-have thing is aeration. It is necessary to oxygenate the upper layer of the soil, home to aerobic bacteria dying without air. Also aeration serves as a prevention of soil acidification. If you neglect this procedure, in summer cereal herbs can begin to oppress moss.

With constant haircuts, the lawn actively sprawls, forming dense sod, through which oxygen is difficult to pass. Therefore forced aeration is important. It is performed with pitchforks, as well as with the help of equipment – aerators.

Sowing the

lawn is necessary not only for infestation of the molds, but also for constant renewal of the grass. If not to do this, weed will quickly go into growth, silencing cereals.

The seeding should be carried out at an established temperature of +10 degrees. Get rid of weed for starters. Doing it better with selective herbicides. They work on oppressing weeds with wide leaves. Two weeks later, mow the grass, then comb and spread the seeds.

Resuscitate bald areas with the same lawn mixture. Otherwise “patches” will differ in texture and color, tailoring the appearance of the lawn. If it is not possible to find exactly the same material, try to ensure that the mixture is of a similar type, i.e. do not sow the meadow lawn with seeds for the parter and vice versa.

When forming holes and spoils, fill these places with a mixture consisting of sand and soil in a ratio of 1:1. Align and sow.



spring lawn more than ever needs to be fed with fertilizer with high nitrogen content. This element is necessary to build up green mass.

For spring feeding suitable: urea

  • ;
  • ammonium nitrate;
  • ammonium sulfide.

Special long-acting fertilizers can also be used. They are usually released as pellets. They should simply be scattered over the grass in spring, and they will slowly dissolve and fertilize the lawn until autumn.

After feeding it is necessary to shed the lawn profusely. Otherwise, young grass may be burned if the concentration of fertilizer was too high.

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